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Zone’s Project MJ featured on SpinTires Video Game

Zone Offroad’s 1990 Jeep Comanche, aka Project MJ made its way into the SpinTires video game hitting the trails and getting muddy. The modeling is spot on with the 1st Gen Project MJ styling from when it took on the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. If you’ve downloaded the Spin Tires game and enjoy spending your freetime behind the wheel of a truck or Jeep then this game might be worth checking out. If you’ve dreamt of wheeling Project MJ, this is your chance, if only electronically. You can add this vehicle to the game via the mod link here. Happy trails (even digital ones)!

Project MJ Update V: Drivetrain Install, Suspension, Cage complete, Body Mods

Project MJ Update V: The deadline to complete this build is fast approaching with just over a week until this ’90 Jeep Comanche is put to the test on the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. In the days since our last update many of the engine parts have been cleaned up and migrated over to the new¬†Golen

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