Project MJ Update V: Drivetrain Install, Suspension, Cage complete, Body Mods

Project MJ Update V: Drivetrain Install, Suspension, Cage complete, Body Mods

Project MJ Update V:

The deadline to complete this build is fast approaching with just over a week until this ’90 Jeep Comanche is put to the test on the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. In the days since our last update many of the engine parts have been cleaned up and migrated over to the new Golen 4.6L Stroker before getting transplanted in the freshly painted engine bay. To get the full potential out of our new Stroker we’re using upgrading injectors, custom K&N intake, Pacesetter header, and DynoMax exhaust system. The factory AX-15 5-speed transmission has been revived with the help of a new Luk performance clutch kit and the NP-231 T-Case now features an SYE.

After hours and hours welding, the roll cage is nearly complete, tying this Jeep together from end to end and creating mounting points for the new suspension. We’ll show you all the suspension details in an upcoming post, some highlights include the Fox Racing Remote Reservoir Coilovers and King coils mounted to the Zone custom 4-link front, triangulated 4-link rear suspension setup.

Body panels have been modified to maximize clearance, trimming the Hannemann fiberglass fenders and bedsides as well as the inner fender even more to allow the suspension to fully articulate without clearance issues. The new front axle shafts came in from Dynatrac to fit our front J8 Dana 44 with the Superior 5.38:1 Gears and ARB Air Locker.

We’ve made a ton of progress on this project over the past few weeks. What started out as a plain jane Jeep Comanche is now finally taking shape and looking like a truck again. While this beast looks near complete, we still have a ton of work looming over us to complete this project on time. Panels are getting painted this weekend by M&M Body Shop in Sturgis, MI and the rest of the MJ body will head that way soon. In the meantime, we’re working on buttoning up the engine, electrical, and steering and suspension. The tab for this project grows daily with multiple visits to the local auto parts store , parts shipped overnight, and the man power out in the shop. With most of the employees involved on this project putting in 12-14hr days, we can’t wait to finish this MJ to get back to getting a full nights sleep (or hit the trail for UA in the case of Dave and Carter). Check back as we get this thing back from paint in the next couple days.

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