I know, it has been awhile since the last Friday frequently asked question was posted so here goes another attempt at some simple information that hopefully many of you will find useful.  Zone Offroad sells pairs of rear lift blocks in our builders parts section, but you will need to know the correct pin size for your vehicle to make the right selection.  Here is a chart to help you make that easier.  If you don’t see your vehicle, let me know and I’ll attempt to get it added to the chart. ZONE OFFROAD REAR BLOCK CHART CHEVY Pin Size

If I add a winch and/or bumper to the front of my jeep.  How much drop should I expect and what should I do about it? Adding any substantial weight to your jeep is guaranteed to reduce the ride height.  How much is going to depend on the spring rate, your specific application, and your aftermarket parts.  However, a general rule of thumb is anywhere from 1/2 to 1″ of drop can be expected from this type of situation.  A simple fix is to purchase some 3/4″ coil spacers like these: http://zoneoffroad.com/product-acc?ki=132&gr= to compenate for the additional weight.  Also listed on that link

99-04 2.5″ Super Duty Mini Pack Leveling Kit Common Questions I will attempt to tackle most of the questions we get about this system.  If you guys have more feel free to post comments. Why won’t this fit my truck built before March 1999? Ford made a track bar bolt size change at this time.  The bolt size significatly increased so the adjustable track bar that comes with the kit will not fit.  You may think you could drill out the factory bracket and get new bolts, but the OD of the track bar end dramatically increased to where substantial axle bracket modification would

I often get asked questions about the track width change with our various IFS suspension lifts.  This would only include the lifts that use the replacement steering knuckles.  A common misconception is to measure the CV spacer to determine the track width change that a lift creates, but this method is not always accurate.  There are other factors like knuckle thickness and control arm angle change that are considered.  Also, not all suspension companies reproduce OE CV shaft engagement.  To make it easy I have included a list of our kits and the associated track width change.  Keep in mind that the overall difference in stance is

Steering Wheel / Drag link alignment Tech I just put your lift on and now my steering wheel is not straight, how do I fix this? First off, with all of our supsension lifts, we do recommend taking your vehicle in for a professional alignment, however on straight axles here’s some info on how to get it close. The following only applies to vehicles that have a solid front axle and solid tie rods; Ford F250s and 2007+ Jeep Wranglers (JK) for example.  We happen to have an F250 in the shop today.  After installing a lift the drag link will need to