Here’s another relatively commonly asked question.  Enjoy. Why doesn’t my leveling kit strut spacer measure the same as the advertised lift height?  Another variation to theme is why is my 2″ strut spacer only 1-1/8″ tall? This may be obvious to some, but others who are not as familiar with the geometry of an IFS suspension system may ask themselves these questions once they open their brand new leveling kit. On the other hand, maybe you will read on because you are looking for a good way of explaining your new purchase to your significant other in an attempt for

Pitman arm for Zone 4” Suspension System A frequent question I receive about this suspension system is if a pitman arm is necessary.  The simple answer is no, if it needed it, we would include it, but here’s a shot at the explanation why. A major part of the steering geometry is the working relationship between the track bar and the drag link.  Through suspension travel these both travel in an arc based on their fixed pivot locations. The length of these components, as well as the installed angles will determine the radius of the arc and what portion of the arc

A few frequently asked questions I get about Zone JK lifts go something like this:  Do I need the cam locks with a 3” JK lift?  Why doesn’t your 4” system have new control arms?  I’ve heard alignment cams are not very good for offroading, why? All of these questions are related to the effects lifting your JK has on the alignment and how our engineers account for it with our suspension lifts.  What am I talking about here?  Keep reading. First off, one of the answers is we do recommend our cam locks to regain caster on our 3” lift.  The alignment specification that is adjusted with

Backspace, Bigger Tires, and Clearances: We get a lot of questions about wheel choices.  This should hopefully clear up some of the confusion people have,  especially when dealing with IFS lifts.  The backspace and rim width are the two critical items when selecting a wheel to go with an aftermarket lift.  The backspacing will determine the clearance to the steering knuckle.  This is very important, because too much backspacing will put the rim in contact with suspension components, and will vary by the rim sizeOften times the factory rim will go back on after a kit is installed, but only with

I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to answer a frequently asked question so that over time I will build a resource for our customers. Today’s Question: Can I use my factory wheels with your 2500HD 6″ suspension lift? Answer: All stock 2500HD wheels will physically bolt back on and have clearance with our knuckle.  The problem is, the stock wheels are relatively narrow for a larger tire.  We’ve actually put on 35×12.50s with stock 17’s before but it’s out of the realm of the recommended tire sizes for the width of the wheel.  A stock 17″ wheel is something