Can I run stock wheels on my lifted truck? FAQ #1

Can I run stock wheels on my lifted truck? FAQ #1

I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to answer a frequently asked question so that over time I will build a resource for our customers.

Today’s Question:

Can I use my factory wheels with your 2500HD 6″ suspension lift?


All stock 2500HD wheels will physically bolt back on and have clearance with our knuckle.  The problem is, the stock wheels are relatively narrow for a larger tire.  We’ve actually put on 35×12.50s with stock 17’s before but it’s out of the realm of the recommended tire sizes for the width of the wheel.  A stock 17″ wheel is something like 7″ wide and a 16″ wheel is even narrower.  Most tire manufacturers will recommend at least an 8″ wide wheel for a 12.50″ wide tire.


Regarding wheel and tire width, can you go too wide of a wheel compared to a given tire width? For example can you go with a 12 inch rim with say a LT235/ 85 R16? Providing the tire can actually reach the rim bead area. Other than looks is what I am asking?

Hey Robert,
that combination would be difficult to mount up. The 235/85r16 measures out to roughly a 32×9.50″ tire, with the actual trade surface being closer to 8″ and the rest of the width being made up by the sidewall. While you may be able to mount them on 16×12 wheels with the right tools and some luck, its not recommended. Ideally the tire width should be wider than the wheel its mounted on for safe performance and to help the tire stay beaded.

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