1999-2004 Ford Super Duty Leveling Kit FAQ #8

1999-2004 Ford Super Duty Leveling Kit FAQ #8

99-04 2.5″ Super Duty Mini Pack Leveling Kit Common Questions

I will attempt to tackle most of the questions we get about this system.  If you guys have more feel free to post comments.

Why won’t this fit my truck built before March 1999?

Ford made a track bar bolt size change at this time.  The bolt size significatly increased so the adjustable track bar that comes with the kit will not fit.  You may think you could drill out the factory bracket and get new bolts, but the OD of the track bar end dramatically increased to where substantial axle bracket modification would be necessary just to make it fit.

Will this kit make my truck ride like a lumber wagon?

I think the easiest way to look at this question is to look at where actual lift height is coming from.  The physical thickness of the mini-pack itself is 2″.  That means you are actually only gaining about .5″ of lift from the increased arch of the springs.  This will slightly increase the firmness of the ride, however our customers have been very happy with it.  Keep in mind it is s leaf spring Super Duty!  Furthermore,  this difference will be dependent how sagged your factory springs are.  If the springs are more settled, you may notice a more dramatic change in the ride and height increase which in reality is something more close to how the truck was when it was brand new.

Do I need the optional replacement shocks?

The shocks are a good option if your truck has seen some miles and are are recommended if you do use your truck off the pavement.  For street driving on shocks with low mileage, you can get away with using your stockers and save a couple bucks.

Can I buy the adjustable track bar separately?

Yes, the adjustable track bar is sold separately as part number F5251 for $99.95 in the accessories section of our website.


Just installed your 2.5″ leveling kit and new nitro shocks all the way around. The ride is amazing and I can’t believe the difference in the look on the truck. When I first finished the front was sitting about an inch higher than the back but as we kept re-torquing the u bolts and drove it around some it has settled in just right and looks perfectly level.

Now to adjust the headlights as I’m spotlighting planes… 😉

Bought the Z4 2 1/2″ leveling kit for my 2001 F350 Crewcab longbed 4WD 7.3 diesel pickup. Finally, the truck looks right. The way it should have from the factory. Installed it in a short morning, and only had one “difficulty”, if you will. When the original centering bolt is removed from the OEM springs, the two springs shift apart, slipping forward/backward, mis-aligning the centering holes. On the opposite side, I dealt with this by using two smaller (3″ I think) C-clamps, placed at either end of the OEM springs before starting. Then I followed the Zone instructions as before. Worked like a charm!
Two important things:
1: GET THE SWAY BAR LINKS. You can use your old ones, as described in the instructions, but doing so pushes your sway-bar ends a little lower than original. Once I switched, the sway bar gives a better feel.
2: VERY IMPORTANT! Do not ignore the re-torqueing after 500 miles! You WILL find that the U-bolts will have to be tightened considerably.

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