Zone took the short 3-hour trip this past weekend head north for the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The weekend of fun in the sand was filled with 4WDs of all kinds (and some 2WDs) enjoying great mid-80s weather and 3000 acres of sand dunes to play on. Zone headed up with the Zone HD on a Zone 5” Lift Kit on 37s with Project MJ in tow. The weekend was spent charging the dunes, launching off jumps, and making friends down by the beach. With easily hundreds of rigs out at the dunes there’s always something to check out, whether

Zone Offroad headed down to sunny Florida for the 8th Annual Jeep Beach event in Daytona Beach. Playing host to the 1000 Jeeps in attendance, the Mid Florida Jeep Club organized events starting Wednesday with dinners, a poker run, vendor show, obstacle course, parade on the beach, and pool party to fill everyone’s time while in town through the weekend. During the Saturday vendor show at the Daytona International Speedway, we had great feedback from current customers and vendors that stopped by our booth to say hi. Plenty more came by to check out the products we offer for trucks