This past weekend marked the 6th Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival near Butler, PA the birthplace of the Jeep. Each year this event continues to grow as Jeepers and vendors from around the country made their way to the quiet town just north of Pittsburgh for the 3 day festival. The town embraces the event whole heartedly as they take over the nearby camping ground, trails, and our favorite downtown streets of Butler for the “Jeep Invasion” party on Friday night where nearly 1500 Jeeps tok over the streets for a party that ran into the night. The town is rich with history

The crew from Zone loaded up the show truck and trailer this past weekend and headed out to Butler, PA, birthplace of the Jeep and home of the 1st annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. Events started Friday as downtown Butler was taken over by over 1000 Jeeps taking part in the largest Jeep parade ever and continued through the rest of the weekend as everyone made there way over to the fairgrounds. The weekend’s events included vendor show, show and shine contest, onsite obstacle course and trail rides, live music, demonstrations, historical exhibits, and more. The show saw international exposure