This past weekend marked the 6th Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival near Butler, PA the birthplace of the Jeep. Each year this event continues to grow as Jeepers and vendors from around the country made their way to the quiet town just north of Pittsburgh for the 3 day festival. The town embraces the event whole heartedly as they take over the nearby camping ground, trails, and our favorite downtown streets of Butler for the “Jeep Invasion” party on Friday night where nearly 1500 Jeeps tok over the streets for a party that ran into the night. The town is rich with history

This past weekend marked the 2nd Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler, PA birthplace of the original Jeep. Although this is only the 2nd year of the event, it’s an event that’s been in the making for more than 70 years since the original Jeep prototype was built in the American Bantam Car Company’s facility to meet the Army’s demands for a light weight reconnoissance vehicle to use during WWII. Thousands flocked to the little town for the weekend’s festivities with events going on around town, events at the fairgrounds, and trail rides around the area. This show brings

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of the Jeep, it’s WWII roots and the transition into the family friendly 4×4 we have today, then you should head to the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival this weekend. The original reconnoissance vehicle built back in 1941 for the US Army was the BRC by the American Bantam Car Company from Butler, PA. This yearly festival celebrates that heritage and the impact it has had on this great country. The event starts Friday night with the invasion of downtown Butler as thousands of Jeeps inundate the peaceful town and carries on through the

Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, August 12-14 Dave and Carter from Zone Offroad are on the road heading east to Butler, PA for the 1st Annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival this weekend. The event runs from August 12-14, with events planned throughout the weekend. Bring your Jeep and partake in the Show & Shine contest, with all types of military and civilian Jeep classes and my personal favorite, the 4Wheel & Off-Road Ugly Jeep Award. Other events include products demonstrations, Jeep parade and cruse, Camp Bantam, Jeep heritage exhibits, Jeep playground, trail rides at a near by off-road park, and vendor show where