While we’d love to tell you about all the final preparations to the MJ for the Ultimate Adventure, there simply isn’t time with all the loose ends we’re tying up. The Golen 4.6L Stroker is running smoothly and the suspension is set. We took it out for a quick drive up our RTI ramp to check out the flex and see where we needed to make adjustments being that we need to hit the road soon.  Check out the photos…

Project MJ Update VI: Suspension, Coilovers, Steering, Brakes, More Paint The 2011 Ultimate Adventure starts this weekend, and although we’re unable to disclose the location, it’s a full day’s drive and then some to make it to check-in and tech inspection from the Zone R&D Shop in Coldwater, Michigan. While many of the attendees are currently in route to the rendezvous, the crew from Zone has been working overtime to get this Jeep fully prepped for the rigors this trip demand. With paint and graphics complete, a big sense of accomplishment started to set in, followed by panic as there are

Project MJ Update V: Midway through our final build week and the shop is buzzing with activity. The build team from Zone Offroad is working hard to finish up this project and get Carter and Dave on the road by Friday. While the location of this year’s Ultimate Adventure is now known to participants, we’re sworn to secrecy as to our destination. Freshly back from paint at M&M Body Shop this Jeep has a fresh lime green paint job to grab attention. Tuckey Motorsports got their hand on it to add vinyl graphics. The new windshield is now installed and

Project MJ Update V.5: Drivetrain Install, Suspension, Cage complete, Body Mods We can see the light at the end of tunnel as Zone nears the end of week 5 of this 6 week buildup to prepare our ’90 Jeep Comanche MJ for the Petersen’s 4Wheel & Offroad Ultimate Adventure (UA). The days are getting longer as the guys rush to finish this Jeep by D-Day. For the first time in 5 weeks the Jeep is finally on the ground and off the hoist. In the video, Zone Reps Dave and Carter bring you up to speed on the progress made so

Project MJ Update V: The deadline to complete this build is fast approaching with just over a week until this ’90 Jeep Comanche is put to the test on the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. In the days since our last update many of the engine parts have been cleaned up and migrated over to the new Golen 4.6L Stroker before getting transplanted in the freshly painted engine bay. To get the full potential out of our new Stroker we’re using upgrading injectors, custom K&N intake, Pacesetter header, and DynoMax exhaust system. The factory AX-15 5-speed transmission has been revived with the help of a new