Project MJ Update: With the clock ticking and just over 4 weeks to the Ultimate Adventure, the team worked hard last week and through part of the Memorial Day weekend to prep the Jeep for the Ultimate Adventure 2011. So far the body panels, interior, windshield, axles, suspension, bed, lots of sheet metal and most of the drivetrain have been removed. The engine is staying in for now to help mock up clearance for the new one (details to come soon). With the tear down behind us, the team is now preparing for new parts to go on the MJ. Plans

So if you don’t know by now, Zone Offroad is the Official Suspension Sponsor for the Ultimate Adventure 2011 and with that we’re building a Jeep Comanche MJ to take on the trip. While the location of the UA is kept a secret from everyone outside of the magazine staff until days prior to the event, Project MJ needs to be built to tackle any terrain Péwé and the 4Wheel & Off-Road staff may have planned. Zone Reps Dave DeVormer and Carter Reed will be taking you through the build up as Zone Offroad overhauls this 1990 Jeep MJ from a