PRESS RELEASE #54 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3/4 Ton & 1 Ton 8″ Suspension Lift Kits Fits: 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500 4wd Diesel 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3500 (SRW) 4wd Diesel Kit: 8″ Suspension Lift Kits Part: #D24 ’03-07 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 3.5″ rear axle #D25 ’03-07 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 4″ rear axle #D30 2008 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 3.5″ rear axle #D31 2008 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 4″ rear axle #D36 ’09-12 Ram 2500 Diesel Base Price: $1,329.95 View 8″ kit online Quick Specs: Skill Level: 3 of 5 Installation Time: 6-8 hrs Max Tire size: 38×13.50 Wheels: 17

We love to hear feedback from you, our customers. What you think of our lift kits, how you built your trucks, and where you go exploring with them. Ross Davis recently sent us a photo of his killer ’01 Chevy 2500HD truck with this message: Finally got my truck all done. You guys make an awesome lift! Couldn’t be more happy.  01 Chevy 2500 HD with the zone 6″ suspension lift and the 3″ body on 37 nitro trail grapplers with 22″ rockstars thought y’all might like to see the finished product Thanks again! -R Ross Davis

Indy 4Wheel Jamboree Each year around the middle of September the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis get overrun by thousands of trucks, Jeeps, and other 4x4s in the largest stop of the 4Wheel Jamboree Series. With attendance well over 10,000 this year Family Events (event organizer) puts together a huge variety of activities to keep the whole family of 4wheelers entertained all weekend long. Whether you’re in to cruising around the fairground to show off your rig or jumping in the action of tough trucks or laying down the power in the burnout competition, Indy has a way for you

After setting up camp just before sundown, we started yesterday with the sun coming up over the dunes and got ready for a dune of wheeling in the sand dunes and mud flats. The terrain wasn’t the mists challenging, but made for a vast alternative to the rocks and mountain passes we’ve seen so far on this trip. Between steep hill climbs, high speed jumps, and muddy water crossings we filled the first half of the day wheeling before we headed back to camp to pack up our supplies and hit the road. From there we headed out for another

Well we’ve been out of contact for some time now wheeling in remote back country trails, rocks, sand dunes and muddy logging trails, taking tours of Warn’s factory, and cruising through mountain passes. We’ve experienced weather from 85+ degree sunshine to rain, lows in the 40s and snow on the ground. The Comanche has been performing well tackling the terrain will no issues. For the latest updates, check out Zone’s Facebook page and stay tuned for more right here on the the Zone Blog. and