Dodge Ram 2500/3500 8″ Lift Kits | NPA #54

Dodge Ram 2500/3500 8″ Lift Kits | NPA #54

2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3/4 Ton & 1 Ton 8″ Suspension Lift Kits

Fits: 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500 4wd Diesel
2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3500 (SRW) 4wd Diesel

Kit: 8″ Suspension Lift Kits

Part: #D24 ’03-07 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 3.5″ rear axle
#D25 ’03-07 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 4″ rear axle
#D30 2008 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 3.5″ rear axle
#D31 2008 Ram 2500 Diesel w/ 4″ rear axle
#D36 ’09-12 Ram 2500 Diesel

Base Price: $1,329.95

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Quick Specs:

Skill Level: 3 of 5
Installation Time: 6-8 hrs
Max Tire size: 38×13.50
Wheels: 17 x 9
Backspacing: 4.5-5″

  • Heavy-duty 1/4″ steel upper and lower control arm relocation brackets.
  • Progressive rate 8″ full bind capable coil springs.
  • Easy bolt-on installation, no cutting or welding required.
  • Transfer case indexing included.
  • High performance at an economy cost.

Coldwater, MI—October 10, 2012— The latest from Zone Offroad is the announcement of a new 8″ suspension lifts in stock and available for late-model Ram 2500/3500 4wd truck owners. Available for diesel 2003-2012 Ram 2500/3500 trucks, these new kits join the 2.5″, 5″ and 6″ kits to offer great performance at a fraction of the cost of other kits on the market.

These systems are centered around a pair of heavy-duty upper and lower control arm relocation brackets that lower the mounting points to retain the factory suspension geometry and allow for the reuse of factory control arms for OE type handling characteristics. The new 8″ progressive rate coils offer improved ride and performance for the best performance on and offroad. The 8″ coils are diesel engine specific and are capable of full coil bind compression giving you long term durability regardless of how you beat on them.

Steering is corrected with a forged drop pitman arm and heavy-duty track bar drop bracket to recenter the front axle. Bump stop extensions, new longer sway bar links, brake line brackets, and your choice of new Zone Hydro or Black Nitro shocks are included. The rear is lifted via a tapered block with integrated bump stop wing and new u-bolts to retain factory right quality and load capabilities. At 8″ of lift, it is necessary to index the transfer case to eliminate driveline vibrations. Zone includes the proper transfer case indexing ring to allow for smooth operation.

These systems come ready to install right out of the box with simple to follow instructions to allow up to 38″ tires. Installation is a breeze and in just a few short hours with standard tools you can get the lift, the look, and the ride quality you want with Zone Offroad.

For more info on this lift kit and available accessories, check out or call (888) 998-ZONE.

Support Files

Dodge Ram 8" Suspension System
Dodge Ram 8 inch lift kit
Download hi-res image: d36.jpg
Zone lift kit
Dodge Ram w/ Zone lift kit
Download hi-res image: d36_app01.jpg
Zone lift kit
Dodge Ram w/ Zone lift kit
Download hi-res image: d36_app02.jpg
Zone lift kit
Dodge Ram w/ Zone lift kit
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Do you guys think the 8″ lift will work for my 2012 3500 dodge mega cab dually without a problem

Hey Luis, the Zone 8” kit will fit your 2012 Ram 3500 Dually. Depending on the wheels and tires your choose, it may be necessary to use a dually spacer in the rear.

i got a 2003 dodge ram 2500 with a hemi and i want to install this lift. will it just ride rough because my engines lighter? and do i need to extend my driveshafts?

Hey Nick, The 8” springs are designed for the diesel engine. On the gas models we’ve tested they gave roughly 9” of lift. The springs are progressive rate so the stiffness isn’t as noticeable as on other applications. Driveshafts will need to be modified as well. One option I’d recommend discussing with Zone tech support is doing the 6” kit along with our 2.5” coil spacers. They’ll be able to give you more info on the topic, (888) 998-9663

I have a 2006 2500 5.9 diesel automatic 4×4 hd. which is a better way to go, this kit or the 5″?
I want the truck up but also I don’t want to be replacing front end parts due to premature wear. Its my daily driver and will rarely see off road. I am concerned with drive train stress, The 5 ” seems to not affect the drive shaft which is a 2 piece or the transfercase. The 8″ has the indexing ring then gets confusing with transfercase drop brackets and transmission mounts. I am installing the kit myself both seem to be bolt in. The price is fair for both kits and the higher the truck the happier I am. So will the 8 ” be a problem with long term or stick with the simple 5″. I think I should I go all out with the 8″. Since you only live once???? Pros cons???

The 5” kit and the 8” kit are both designed to work with the OE suspension geometry. Both are bolt-on kits, one using replacement control arms, and the other using control arm drop brackets. THe 8” kit is a bit more labor intensive due to the t-case indexing, but is manageable as long as you have a jack or a buddy to help with the t-case removal/install. As far as height, that’s really up to your personal preference. We also offer a 6” kit that can be modified up to the 8” if you choose to do so later on. Feel free to contact Zone sales/tech support to discuss the kits in more detail at (888) 998-9663.

I have a 2006 2500 diesel and I would like to put the 8″ lift in the truck but it has a 2.5″ leveling kit in it. My question is can I do the 8″ kit and the 2.5″ spacers for a total of 10.5″ lift with out any problems in steering and drivelines.

We don’t recommend stacking the leveling kit on top of our 8” kit as it may cause drivability issues. Our 6” and 8” utilize the same control arm drop brackets. The 6” kit keeps the control arm angle similar to stock, the 8” puts them at an angle similar to having a leveling kit. Steering, driveline, front axle offset would likely be issues at 10.5” of lift. For more info, feel free to contact Zone tech support at (888) 998-9663 or

You can run the 38×14.50x20s on your truck with the 8” kit, however wheel width and backspacing will be key to allowing them to fit with limited to no rubbing. For more info visit our website or contact Zone tech support at (888) 998-9663

I have a 2006 4×4 3500 with 5.9 want to go with the 8 in lift what is your price and what do you recommend 6 or 8 in? thanks

Hey Dan, MSRP pricing is available right on our website as well as on this press release and will depend on what options you choose. Both the 6” and the 8” kits ride great and perform well on/off road, it’s your choice based on the stance and wheel/tire you want to run on your truck. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us at (888) 998-9663.

i had just bought a 5 inch suspension lift for my 1998 dodge ram 2500 how will it efect the steering. will i need to get bigger tires i have 315/75/16 on it now

Hey Don, our kit includes the components to correct the steering so you won’t have any issues. 35s (315/75r16) are what we recommend running with the 5” setup. If you have any other questions on the kit, feel free to contact us at (888) 998-9663

Hey Jesse,
If the chassis/suspension of your rig is a ’98 Dodge Ram 2500, then you’ll need to use suspension components designed to fit that. We don’t offer an 8” kit, but do have a 5” kit available, see our website for more info

Hello I have a few questions hope you could help with. I have a 06 dodge mega cab hemi I want to get 8″ lift I know you don’t sell 8″ coil springs for gas trucks but would could I do to get the most height ? Also what comes in place to change when going up from a 6 to 8 … Do I need the t-case indexing kit . I’m just going for height don’t care to much about ride quality . Or should I just buy the 8″ diesel lift and put it on ? Thanks

You are correct we don’t offer a gas 8” coil spring, typically we recommend using the gas 6” coils plus our 2.5” coil spacers to get the height while retaining the ride quality. The 8” diesel coils have a stiffer spring rate (stiffer ride) and would lift a gas truck roughly 9-10” (which isn’t recommended as the other components aren’t designed for that about of lift). At 8” of lift you will need the t-case indexing to allow the front driveshaft to be reinstalled. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at over the phone at (888) 998-9663 or

I have a 2011 Ram 2500 and i want to put 40’s under it. my question is, have you had anyone install the 8 inch lift and try to install 40’s? What was the end result and how much triming was done?

Hey James, the Silver Ram 2500 in the photos above was running a 40×15.50×20 on 20×10 (4.5” BSing) in the above photos. It did require quite a bit of trimming and still rubbed occasionally offroad. The pinch weld on the backside of the front fender was trimmed and the front bumper was spaced forward slightly. Depending on width and backspacing you may also have some clearance issues with the control arms when turned lock-to-lock.

Is this 8″ kit functional on 2013’s? Also, how is the ride quality? Are there options to alleviate the shock? However, the stock ride is about the roughest out there, even on the 13’s. This kit appears simple and well priced.

Hey Phillip, these kits work great on 2003-2013 Ram 2500s (2003-12 Ram 3500s). Everything needed to safely lift your truck is included in the kit from control arm drop brackets, forged pitman arm, and trackbar bracket to progressive rate coil springs designed to provide a great on/off-road ride to diesel Rams and your choice of hydro or nitro shock engineered specifically for this application. We include an indexing ring to clock the transfer case to allow you to reuse the factory driveshafts and all other components so the truck can performs great off-road or on the highway. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at (888) 998-9663.

I have a 07 mega cab cummins I have a 10′ lift and I can’t find a pitman arm to drop down enough what or where can I get one?

Our pitman arm is designed for 6-8” of lift, not sure of other companies on the market offer larger drops.

Hello Guys,
I have a 2013 RAM 3500 Dually Mega Cab. I just read that the 8″ lift fits the 2012 dually. But will it fit the 2013? Thank you for your feed back.

Hey, got a question for ya. I have an 07 ram 2500. I am looking at buying the 8″ lift kit for it, but will 37/13.50/17 tires work on stock rims without any issues? Thanks

Hey Aaron, the issue you’ll likely run into by using a stock wheel (stock backspacing) with that size tire is with rubbing the control arms and possibly the swaybars when turning full lock. For more on the topic contact Zone tech support at (888) 998-9663 or

I have everything to do my 8 inch lift on my truck I have an 08 ram 3500 dually but I need a control arm drop bracket do you guys sell that separate from the entire lift kit it’s a 6.7 diesel

We don’t offer the 6-8” drop bracket by themselves currently, however if you contact our sales team they may be able to work out a special order on the parts. or (888) 998-9663

i have a 2005 dodge ram 3500 daully with a 5.9 cummins i was wondering if this lift would fit and if i could haul a goose neck trailer with this lift if not what is the highest lift i could get and still haul a goose neck trailer? also how big of tires could i fit on with this lift kit

@Colton, the kit fits on your dually other than rear u-bolts. You will need to have a custom set made for the larger diameter dually axle or order them elsewhere, many of our distributors can supply them. As far as towing a gooseneck behind your lifted truck, max height would depend how much adjustability your trailer has. Figure the 8” kit lifts the rear about 5” plus about 3” for the difference in tire size. If your particular trailer can accommodate a new mounting position 8” taller then this kit will work for you. For more on the topic contact the sales team directly at (888) 998-9663.

Hey Charles, the 2500/3500/3500-dually trucks all use the same suspension design. Our 8” kit will fit your ’11 Ram 3500 Megacab Dually 4WD and perform great on/off-road. Due to the larger rear axle you may be required to install different rear u-bolts. For more info measure the diameter of your axle tube and contact Zone tech support at (888) 998-9663.

I got a 2003 dodge dually got the 5 inch yet to install truck has level kit on right now can I get away with installing 5 inch with level kit with putting t case index kit ?

Hey Chase,
if it was our 6” kit I’d say yes because that kit uses drop brackets to correct the suspension geometry at 6-8” of lift. Our 5” kit uses replacement control arms designed for 3-5” of lift, adding the leveling kit will over extend the arms and potentially cause bump steer and drivability issues. For more on the topic contact the Zone sales/tech support team at (888) 998-9663

I have a 2011 dodge 2500 4×4 laramie. I wanted to purchase either the 5 or 6″ lift kit, however when asked about rear axle diameter I’m confused. Your options outline 3.5, 3.75, and 4.25.
I measured mine twice at almost exactly 4″.

What to do?

Hey Daniel, the listing on the 5” kits is a little confusing currently. We’re in the process of simplifying it down to 2 rear listings, 3.5” and 4” rear axle similar to how the 6” kit is listed. For your kit you’ll want to use the listing that refers to 4.125” rear axle. Use the following guide for kit numbers:

5” Lift Kit (4” rear) – #D11
6” Lift Kit (Gas – 4” rear) – #D38
6” Lift Kit (Diesel – 4” rear) – #D37

For more on the topic, feel free to contact our tech support team at (888) 998-9663 or

Hey John, we offer a forged drop pitman arm in the RAM 2500/3500 8” kits, sold individually its #D8403

I have the 2013 Ram 2500 gas model. Will this kit work on my truck as long as I do the driveshaft modification and add bigger lift blocks in the rear to accommodate the add lift height in the rear??

I have the 2013 Ram 2500 gas model. Will this kit work on my truck as long as I do the driveshaft modification and add bigger lift blocks in the rear to accommodate the added lift height in the front which should be 9” total in the front and 6” in the rear. I have the 3” spacer in the front now to level the truck.

Hey Travis,
Ultimately we don’t recommend installing the 8″ diesel coil springs on the gas trucks and officially don’t endorse modifying any of our lift kits outside of how our engineers designed/tested them to be used. Contact our sales team to discuss your options at (888) 998-9663 or

I have a 5 inch lift installed in my 2003 dodge 3500, would it be possible to buy the 8 inch lift and still use the 5 inch kit control arms?

Hey Reese, the control arms from our 5″ lift kit CAN be used in combination with our 8″ lift kits and will function/drive/handle just fine.

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