I just bought a set of sway bar links for my Wrangler and I was so impressed with them that I posted pictures of them and a link to your site on a couple of Jeep forums that I frequent a lot. I hope this will help with sales of these links. They are no doubt the best I’ve seen and used . Thanks for such a great product, Keith Sullivan, Norwich CT Copy of post on jeepz.com: Hi guys I wanted to share my new sway bar links from Zone Offroad Products with you. These are the best stock

Attached are a couple of pictures my Jeep. I put the wheels and tires on it yesterday. I installed the adjustable track bar and got it aligned today. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me soon to get some more stuff.

Thanks for all the help,
Corey Dufrene


I just got the lift installed that I bought from you guys looks pretty good for a 2wd, Thanks! ~Connor Lohmann


Press Release #7

3” Suspension Lift – 1997-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ
Coldwater, MI–November 5, 2008–If you’ve been looking to get 33’s under your TJ and also achieve greater articulation, take a look at Zone Offroad Products 3 inch suspension system.  Chances are, you’ve probably found some lifts out there, but the price has been out of reach, or the kits were not complete – like missing shocks!  Zone Offroad Products has solved those problems and recently released a complete 3 inch system with shocks for $459.99!