2WD Chevy Lift

I just got the lift installed that I bought from you guys looks pretty good for a 2wd, Thanks! ~Connor Lohmann


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  1. Colten Lee Reply

    hey man i have the same truck and i want my truck to look like yours. one question did you have to buy anything else for your lift from the company?

  2. Connor Reply

    I bought the 6.5 inch suspension kit for this truck as well as the add-a-leaf for the rear and the 2 inch leveling kit for the front. If you want a little more clearance I would recommend the leveling kit but you do run the risk or wearing out the ball joints a little early. You can buy direct from Zoneoffroad.com and you will get your parts pretty quick. I have had plenty of good experiences with these guys so I would recommend them for sure. If you have any questions just shoot me an email. Thanks

  3. Joseph Reply

    So what did you actually buy? From what I read you added a additional front and rear leveling kit to your 6.5 lift kit?


  4. Josh Reply

    Hey did you aquire a vibration on decelleration with the lift and the add a leaf? also did you extend your driveshaft?

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