1-2″ Lift Kits for 2021 Ford Bronco | NPA #181

1-2″ Lift Kits for 2021 Ford Bronco | NPA #181

Zone Offroad is excited to announce first to market lift options for the much anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco. As these Broncos are beginning to run wild out on the streets, the trails and beyond, the team at Zone Offroad is excited to welcome them with the release of 2 first to market new products. The 1" leveling kits are now shipping, designed for use on both standard and Sasquatch equipped Broncos. The 2" lift kits are available for pre-order designed for the base suspension equipped models which will begin shipping in late-July. These new lift options help allow clearance for larger tires while working within the factory suspension parameters to offer improved clearance without sacrificing driveability. These newly released upgrades are the first of a much wider range of lift kits and accessories planned for the Ford Bronco building on the aggressive appearance and performance of your new Ford Bronco. Take your Bronco up with Zone Offroad.

Product Title

1" & 2" Lift Kits for 2021 Ford Bronco

Vehicle Fitment

2021 Ford Bronco

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • Zone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kit Info

ZONF1102 – 1” Leveling Kit (now shipping)
ZONF1220 – 2” Lift Kit (pre-sale, shipping August 2021)*

*F1220 is for base suspension packages only, will not fit Badlands or any model with Sasquatch package. Additional kits coming soon for full coverage.

** To Pre-Order F1220 shop online or head to your local Zone Offroad dealer

Upcoming Kits/Accessories

3" Lift Kits for Bronco 2Dr/Dr (w/ Sasquatch package) - Coming Soon
3.5" Lift Kit for Bronco 2Dr/4Dr (w/ Badlands Trim) - Coming Soon
4" Lift Kits for Bronco 2Dr/4Dr (standard shock package) - Coming Soon
Upper Control Arms - Coming Soon
Additional Lift Kits & Accessories - Coming Soon

Zone Offroad is now offering lift and leveling kits for the all new 2021 Ford Bronco. Part of a larger plan of products in the future, these first 1" and 2" kits allow clearance for larger tires while maintaining vehicle performance, handling characteristics and overall driveability.

1" Leveling Kits: Right out of the gate the 2021 Ford Bronco is an impressive machine offering cool retro styling and off-road pedigree that rivals anything on the road these days. Available with the standard IFS suspension or upgraded Sasquatch package providing 2" taller ride height, the Bronco has clearance for up to 35" tires from the factory. Building on the 4-corner coilover design Zone Offroad offers a 1" leveling kit designed to level out the stance and eliminate the factory nose-low rake. This improves the appearance with clearance for larger aftermarket wheel/tire packages without sacrificing vehicle driveability. The leveling kit uses a 2-piece design with upper and lower strut mount spacers that install easily to provide the desired level stance on all Bronco models. These spacers are built from high-strength American steel laser cut for a precision fit and finished in a durable black e-coating. These paired with the longer replacement hardware and step-by-step instructions allow you to bolt-on this 1" leveling kit within a few hours.

2" Lift Kits (non-Badlands and non-Sasquatch): Building off the impressive design and capability of the new 2021 Ford Bronco with its on the 4-corner coilover design, the team at Zone Offroad are offering a 2" lift solution designed for the base model (non-Sasquatch equipped) Broncos. These new 2" lift kits are lift and level the stance eliminating the factory nose-low rake and allowing clearance for up to 35" tires. This new kit is designed to take advantage of the impressive travel on the new Bronco utilizing top mounted strut spacers to raise the stance without sacrificing ride quality or overall driveability. The spacers are built from heavy duty semi-aromatic glass-fiber reinforced nylon resin design, offering strength and a clean OE appearance once installed. These paired with the longer replacement hardware and step-by-step instructions allow you to bolt-on this 2" lift kit within a few hours. Give your Bronco a boost with Zone Offroad.
2" Lift Kits are Pre-Sale (shipping late August 2021)



More Kits and Accessories Coming Soon:
Beyond these 1-2" kits now available Zone Offroad (and its affiliates) are developing a full range of lift kits and accessories for the new Ford Bronco to include taller lift kits, control arms, armor and other accessories. Keep a look out for additional announcements from Zone Offroad and others in the FOX Factory family of brands as products come to market.

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Hey Ben,
You have 2 options to pre-order ahead of the late-July availability on our website, Call our sales team at (888) 998-9663 or order through one of our dealers.

I’m looking to raise my standard suspension Outer Banks no more than an inch, so i can go from 32″ to 33″ tires. Will your 1″ kit work for that, or is it only for lifting the sasquatch Bronco?

Hey John,the 1″ leveling kits can be used on all trim levels so it’ll work perfectly on the Outer Banks Bronco to fit the 33s

Are the 1 inch levelling kits shipping if bought or delayed? Heard they’re delayed 4-6 weeks but just want to confirm before I purchase.

Thank you!

Hey Frank,
While we did blow through the initial run faster than expected, we had another batch following right behind so we’ll have additional kits shipping out within a week or so.

Hey Mario, our taller kits for the Broncos w/ Sasquatch shock package will be available mid-late Q3. Once we get a bit closer to launch we’ll load them on our site to begin accepting pre-orders

How much longer before we are able to purchase the 4in lift for 2 door Non Sasquatch Black Diamond?

Look for those 4″ lift kits with upper control arms to come available Fall 2021. We’ll have more info on those kits in an upcoming expansion to product listings.

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