Zone Project MJ Build Plans

Zone Project MJ Build Plans

Zone’s Project MJ

The buildup is underway and the Zone Offroad crew is transform this plain jane ’90 Jeep Comanche into an all out trail beast. With race truck inspired design and trail rig capabilities, this MJ  will be a head turner. Upgrades include new Zone suspension, engine, drivetrain, body, lighting, and safety upgrades. With new parts ordered and many arriving as you read this, this truck will quickly  take shape over the next few days and weeks. With the location of this year’s Ultimate Adventure still unknown, Zone is building this Comanche with various components to conquer any terrain Rick Péwé and the Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road crew might have planned. Check out the build sketch for now, we’ll find a stopping point to make the next video soon…

Project MJ Build Specs:

’90 Jeep Comanche 4×4 (MJ)
Engine: Golen 4.6L Stroker (270hp/320tq)
Transmission: AX-15 5-Speed Manual
Transfer Case: NP 231 w/ SYE
Front Axle: Mopar Military J8 Dana 44, Reid Racing High Steer Knuckles, Superior 5.38:1 Gears, ARB Air Locker
Rear Axle: Mopar Military J8 Dana 60, Superior 5.38:1 Gears, ARB Air Locker
Suspension: Zone Custom Coilover Long Arm Suspension w/ Linked Rear (details coming soon)
Tires: 40×13.50×17 Maxxis Trepador Radials
Wheels: 17×9 Mickey Thompson Side Biters with Inner Air Lock Internal Beadlocks
Recovery Gear: Warn 9.5xp Winch, Bubba Rope, Hi-Lift Jack and Accessories
Body/Paint: Hannemann Fiberglass Front Fenders, Hannemann Fiberglass Bedsides, Lime Green Paint Scheme
Aux. Lighting: Rigid 50” Elite LED Lightbar, upgraded headlights
Accessories: Dual Optima YellowTop Batteries mounted with BlueTorch Fab battery box, BlueTorch Fab Differential Covers, Custom Roll Cage, Custom Tire Carrier, 20-gallon Aluminum Fuel Cell, Custom Bumpers, J.E. Reel Upgraded Driveshafts, PRP Competition Seats and 4-point Restraints, Reinforced Unibody, Warn On-Board Air Compressor



Hello my name is Ryan and i have an mj of my own it is a 1986 and it has the 2.1 diesel in it with a six inch lift and 31 inth tires. im looking to go bigger about the size of yours but i have no idea how to get there. im planning my build around me putting in a 4 cylander cummins motor in it with a five speed. anything you are willing to give me for ideas would be welcomed. thank you.

Hi I also have a comanche (89) that I just recently purchased and I stumble upon your guys videos on YouTube and I was wondering where you got your motor from and how you determined your specs I plan on using your product line just not sure where to start I would love to get a 4.6 stroker I just don’t know how to go bout the specs…. And also wondering if you had a blueprint for your roll cage possibly

Hey Ron, thanks for checking out the videos, we have the full buildup available at
WIth our short built deadline, we sourced a new 4.6L Stroker directly from Golen Engines. This was are search and development project for us, while we are somewhat limited in our Comanche options, new parts will be getting released in the coming months. You’ll see in the build photos that the cage was a one off fabrication, unfortunately there aren’t any blueprints however you’re more than welcome to borrow the idea

Hi, I’ve got an ’89 mj that currently building to be similar to yours, I’m wondering what a rough cost it was to build it to be the complete truck it is now

Hey Taylor, much of the investment in this truck was spent on prototyping parts and fabricating which is hard to put a price tag on. She’s got some coin wrapped up in her at this point, hard to say how much though

Hey Kevin, at this point we’re not offering long arm kits to fit the XJ/MJ models. We do have a 4.5″ short arm kit to fit it. Our sister company (BDS Suspension) has long arm upgrades that will fit on the XJ/MJ with 4.5-8.5″ of lift, check with them on available options, (517) 279-2135 or [email protected]

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