4″ Jeep Wrangler JK Lift Review

4″ Jeep Wrangler JK Lift Review

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Here’s one I received recently from a guy opening up a new Fab shop called A.C.E. Engineering.

He installed our 4″ system with some of the available accessories – one of our hot sellers.  http://zoneoffroad.com/product?ki=40&gr=-1

Take a look at what he had to say:  http://www.offroadjeepers.com/showthread.php?p=32511#post32511


I Dave,
sorry for my language… because I talk in french…. not in english..
I want to know more about your jeep’s lift. I’ have a rubicon jeep wrangler 4 doors 2010. I want lift my truck, but i don’t know how many inch…. 3 or 4 inch…
I’m scare to think that my drive’s jeep will not to be rigth after this lifting…. 4 inch..
What about your drive’s jeep ?
And tell me about my sentences…. if you understand… or not!
Thank you

Hi Eric,
Thanks for checking out Zone Offroad Products. We offer 2in, 3in, and 4in suspension options as well as a 2in body lift for you 2010 4Dr. JK Rubicon. All of our kits handle excellent on the road and offer improved off-road capabilities when your not. The taller you go, the more will be involved in the kits, as well as more room for larger tires. We recommend 33” tires with our 2in lift and 35” tires with both the 3in and 4in kits. How do you plan to use your Jeep, will you be using it off-road regularly? Feel free to send us an email and we can discuss things further sales@zoneoffroad.com

ITs not the case on most 2wd-to-4wd crossovers, but on the JKs many of the kits are compatible. You’ll want to contact Zone tech support at to discuss it at (888) 998-9663 or tech@zoneoffroad.com

I have a 2011 4door Jeep. Looking to run 35s or 36″ tires. My Jeep is going to be a “mall crawler”. So its not going to see the off-road but maybe a little beach time. What 4″ lift would you reccomend?

Hey SlimT, the 4” kit will be your best bet to give you the clearance for 35-36” tires. Even if you’re not planning on hitting the trails your Jeep will be ready if you ever find yourself in the mud/rocks/sandy terrain. We offer swaybar disconnects to allow you to increase the Jeep’s ability to flex, but they aren’t needed if you plan to spend your time on road. Our steering stabilizer is a nice upgrade to help compensate for the larger tires. If you have any other questions feel free to call us at (888) 9989663 or email sales@zoneoffroad.com

Hello, I have 13 Jeep unlimited Sport. My question is…. Do I need to replace the front drive if I get 4in lift? This jeep will be on pavement 95% of time.

Hey Frank, that’s a common question we hear with lifting the newer JK’s. All of our JK kits, including the 4” system allow you to retain your factory driveshafts. One thing you will need to make sure to add is the exhaust spacers (#J5305) to keep proper clearance between the exhaust crossover pipe and front driveshaft.

I have a 2013 jk I’m wanting to know what lift you recommend I will be doing some off roading but will be an every day drive as well I have 35 inch tires now and what other parts will I need

Hey Tim, thanks for your interest in Zone Offroad. We have several kits available to fit your JK, both the 3″ and the 4″ will allow you to run 35×12.50 tires (on moderately sized wheels and with stock fenders). The 4″ would give you extra clearance if you flex the suspension out on the trails. Both kits come complete with everything needed. Personally I like the 4″ kit because it includes a heavy duty adjustable track bar. Being a 2012-2016 model you’ll want to make sure you get the (#J5305) exhaust extensions. Assuming its not a Rubicon model if you are looking for additional flex offroad I’d recommend upgrading to the (#J5313) sway bar disconnects. Other common accessories include the Nitro series gas shocks for quicker reaction times and better performance offroad along with an upgraded steering stabilizer to help eliminate any front end shimmy caused by the oversized tires. To see more on both the 3″ and 4″ kits head to http://zoneoffroad.com/display?ma=6&yr=2013&mo=121&ca=78 and if you have any questions our sales/tech support team is available to answer them at (888) 998-9663

I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ sport what is the best left to run 33’s with I do some off road but mainly pavement. what is your suggestions

Hey Eric, both the 3″ and the 4″ kit will allow you to run 33″ tires and will perform well on and offroad. Personally I’m recommend the 4″ kit as it will give you more room to flex out the suspension offroad and comes complete with heavy duty lower control arms to recenter the axles as well as swaybar links, bump stop extensions, full length coil springs, t-case lower kit, rear track bar bracket, and your house of shocks. For more on both kit options head to http://zoneoffroad.com/display?ma=6&yr=2000&mo=216&ca=78

Our recommendation is for 35s based on tire clearance to the stock fenders. That said some customers choose to run aftermarket fenders and fit 37″ tires.

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