6″ Excursion Zone Offroad Review


I would like to start off by saying thank you to you and Zone Offroad. I was kind of sceptical when I first looked at the Zone Offroad 6″ lift for the Excursion. I had several chat sessions with you and I have to say everything turned out just as you said it would and better.

The customer service at Zone Offroad is the best that I have experienced in a long time. The staff had no trouble with all my questions and when they responded they didn’t make me feel like an idiot, but instead made me feel that the questions were very good ones. When they responded it was always in a courteous manor and very professional.

As far as the lift goes, it was very impressive when it arrived. The directions were simple and very easy to follow. I installed this lift by myself on a dirt and rock garage floor. Perhaps not too smart to do by yourself, but I was able to put it together without any issues due to the step by step instructions and answers I received before I purchased it.  As I finished the rear of the Excursion, I was quickly impressed as the kit add 6 inches, as it said it would. When I got done with the front, I was just over whelmed with excitement and very impressed at the 6″ total lift on each corner.

I took the Excursion to work yesterday and the response I got from my friends and co-workers made the hard work pay off. When my wife saw the end result, she just loved it.

 I have done other lifts on different trucks and there were a couple that did not deliver what they said they would.

All in all, Zone Offroad is an exceptional company and I will gladly deal with you in the future for any of my other needs that you can deliver on. I have already recommended Zone Offroad to several of my friends. 

I am not sure if you have a customer rides section, but I would love to see it on your web site.

P.S. My Wife says thank you as well since it is her Excursion.


James and Regina Martinez

Thank you for the feedback!  It’s great to hear the level of service we offer direct from our customers, especially the skeptical ones!  Maybe others who are on the fence about what lift to buy will find this letter and decide get in the Zone.  Let us know if there is anything we can help you with in the future!

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  1. Wayne T Reply

    I would love to see if I could contact the original poster ?? I too have a 2005 Excursion that Ive been wanting to get a 6″ suspension for and had several questions and interested on how it is holding up. We do alot of Volunteer Hunts /Events with Wounded Vets and this would make the Treks Back to the Stands that much easier. Personally Ive been saving u for the purchase of one and finally Im close to having enough …. and just wanted to be sure this KIT was Durable and as easy as I hear it is to install. If possible I would love to hear from the original poster as I have a few questions.

    • Carter @ Zone Offroad Reply

      Hey Wayne, unfortunately we can’t give out specific customer contact info and being this was 6 years ago we likely not have it readily accessible. Our sales team can assist you an answer any kit questions you have, (888) 998-9663 or sales-zone@sporttruckusainc.com

      • Wayne T Reply

        And you DID deliver on the assistance when needed. I just completed the install and called and spoke to a LIVE PERSON – you transferred me directly to the Tech who answered my mechanical questions instantly. Im VERY VERY Happy with how this kit turned out on my 2005 Excursion. Although it seems the FRONT sits a Smidge higher than the REAR … Im going to look for ways down the line to correct that. A great big shout out to the ZONE TEAM with a great success story out of Rosedale Maryland.

  2. Josh Reply

    Afternoon. Do you offer an 8” lift kit for my 2017 Ram 1500 ecodiesel 4×4? If not, ill be getting you 6” lift.

    Thank you

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