We love hearing from our customers. Whether its to give us kit feedback, tell us about trails they’ve conquered since lifting their vehicle, or just to send in some photos and say hi. We try our best to provide quality products at a competitive price, along with the best customer service possible. The other day we heard back from Tim Heuer from Wisconsin who posted this on Facebook: Just like to say, if you’re considering lifting your vehicle, be sure to give Zone a call… top notch products, without the price tag.. I couldn’t be happier Thanks Tim and keep sending

I thought this was an an amazing story to share with you from one of our distributers in Poland. This is a wheelin trip most of us could only dream of and many probably wouldn’t dare to go on! This WJ is equipped with our 4″ system. To sum it up this took 6 months of planning, lasted 17,000 km and 65 days! Click the link below to read the full writeup and check out all of the incredible pictures. I’ve used Google Translator to help translate most of it with this link. If anyone knows of a better translator