Project MJ Update V.5: Drivetrain Install, Suspension, Cage complete, Body Mods We can see the light at the end of tunnel as Zone nears the end of week 5 of this 6 week buildup to prepare our ’90 Jeep Comanche MJ for the Petersen’s 4Wheel & Offroad Ultimate Adventure (UA). The days are getting longer as the guys rush to finish this Jeep by D-Day. For the first time in 5 weeks the Jeep is finally on the ground and off the hoist. In the video, Zone Reps Dave and Carter bring you up to speed on the progress made so

Project MJ Update V: The deadline to complete this build is fast approaching with just over a week until this ’90 Jeep Comanche is put to the test on the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. In the days since our last update many of the engine parts have been cleaned up and migrated over to the new Golen 4.6L Stroker before getting transplanted in the freshly painted engine bay. To get the full potential out of our new Stroker we’re using upgrading injectors, custom K&N intake, Pacesetter header, and DynoMax exhaust system. The factory AX-15 5-speed transmission has been revived with the help of a new

Project MJ Update IV (old drivetrain pulled, new drivetrain prepped) With the  Zone Offroad crew back at full strength and temperatures back down in the 70’s the guys are picking up steam on Project MJ for this year’s Ultimate Adventure. Up to this point we’ve left the original drivetrain in the Comanche while we mocked up the rollcage and other components around it. The time has now come to pull the original drivetrain after 21 years and over 200,000 miles of semi-reliable service. After closer inspection the reason for the relatively rust free underside became apparent as every part of

Project MJ Update III.5 It’s been hot in Michigan this week. But even with temperatures in the mid 90’s, the crew at Zone Offroad has been busy building up Project MJ for the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. This week Dave and Carter take you through some of the new additions to the Comanche to include the completed unibody plating, roll cage mockup, rocker guard install, interior mods, and front axle strengthening. For the interior, the cage has been fitted, the floor has been clearanced, the dash was been hacked up and the PRP Enduro Recliner Seats are being fitted to replace the

Project MJ Update 6/8/11 Well it’s only been a couple days since our last update, but the guys have put a ton of work into Project MJ. Following our last update with the start of unibody plating, front inner fenders, and new parts arriving, the team has been hard at work to complete the roll cage, prep the axles, and get the seat positioning worked out. We’re working on a new video to post up by tomorrow, but check out these photos to hold you over till then.