Project MJ Update III.5 (Rollcage, Front Axle Upgrades, Interior)

Project MJ Update III.5

It’s been hot in Michigan this week. But even with temperatures in the mid 90’s, the crew at Zone Offroad has been busy building up Project MJ for the 2011 Ultimate Adventure. This week Dave and Carter take you through some of the new additions to the Comanche to include the completed unibody plating, roll cage mockup, rocker guard install, interior mods, and front axle strengthening. For the interior, the cage has been fitted, the floor has been clearanced, the dash was been hacked up and the PRP Enduro Recliner Seats are being fitted to replace the factory bench. For the front axle, the already stronger J8 Dana 44 has been strengthened with the help of a custom sleeve kit, BlueTorch Fab D.I.Y. Kryptonite Diff Cover, Reid Racing High Steer Knuckles, and soon to be installed Superior 5.38 Gears, Shafts and an ARB Air Locker. New parts are still arriving and in the next few weeks we’ll be swapping in the new stroker, building custom coilover suspension, and sending this thing off to paint. We apologizes for all the background noise throughout the video, with this project needing to stay on schedule we can’t stop progress to shoot our videos. Stay up to date with all the posts, build photos any more by checking out the Zone Offroad Blog at

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