Zone took the short 3-hour trip this past weekend head north for the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The weekend of fun in the sand was filled with 4WDs of all kinds (and some 2WDs) enjoying great mid-80s weather and 3000 acres of sand dunes to play on. Zone headed up with the Zone HD on a Zone 5” Lift Kit on 37s with Project MJ in tow. The weekend was spent charging the dunes, launching off jumps, and making friends down by the beach. With easily hundreds of rigs out at the dunes there’s always something to check out, whether

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up your copy of the October 2012 issue of 4Wheel Drive Magazine to read all about Zone’s Project MJ (or if you prefer the digital copy) then head on over to their website for the web article complete with photos. The same great coverage, check out the article at 4Wheel Drive Magazine.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of the October 2012 issue of 4Wheel Drive Magazine you’re missing a great feature on Zone’s Jeep Comanche (aka Project MJ). The cover shot has the truck launching out at Behind the Rocks during Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah this past Spring and covers the buildup and race to prep the Jeep in just 6 short weeks. All in all the MJ had a 6-page feature story plus the cover, pick up you copy and check it out today! Update!!!! Read the article online at

The Zone grew headed out to Bloomsburg, PA over the weekend for the 3 day celebration of 25th Anniversary of the Family Event Summer 4Wheel Jamboree Nationals. The blistering heat didn’t keep thousands of 4WD enthusiasts away as trucks, Jeeps, and offroad vehicles of all varieties made there way to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. Zone had a great spot in the vendor row to hang out and talk with the trucks cruising around the show. We had our 2011 Chevy 2500HD tow rig sporting a 5” lift and 37s on display, while our 30′ show trailer and awning made for a

With the 2012 Ultimate Adventure just one week away, the Zone crew has Project MJ prepped and ready for adventure. Next week the rig hits the road for the in route to the secret start point of the 8-day, 1000+ mile journey with organized by Petersens 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s Rick Pewe. Zone Offroad Products is proud to to be the official suspension sponsor for this year’s adventure. Zone Offroad Reps, Carter Reed and Steve Fendt will be taking the company’s ’90 Jeep Comanche MJ on the trip. Each year 4W&OR Magazine hosts this event that challenges teams as they take