Zone ‘Wheels the Outback Offroad Adventure Park

Zone ‘Wheels the Outback Offroad Adventure Park

DSC_9767‘Wheeling the Outback Offroad Adventure Park

Zone Offroad hit the trails this weekend at the Outback Offroad Adventure Park in Eau Claire, PA. Rob and Terry from Meridian Offroad do a great job organizing events out at the park to welcome 4wheelers of all levels with a mix of guided moderate trails and more hardcore terrain. Wheeling in the woods of western PA, its also a bit wet, but with recent rainfall and logging through parts of the property the trails were especially challenging this past weekend.

The weekend camping/4wheeling trip gave us a chance to bring out some new faces, a few of Zone Offroad employees without time behind the wheel of Project MJ and limited time out on the trail. Also in attendance was sister company BDS Suspension with their Ultimate Adventure project Jeep Liberty diesel. In all 5 of us made the trip out and all took turns behind the wheel of the rigs over the weekend. We rolled into the park Friday night, unloaded the rigs and set up camp. Saturday morning Rob held a driver’s meeting and welcomed everyone to the park. The park is split into 2 area, each roughly 500 acres in the hills of western PA with dozens of trails to navigate. Despite the sloppy, mud-covered rocky terrain, the rigs handled great around the park. Towards the end of the trail ride on Saturday we broke a front u-joint and bent the ear of the shaft on the MJ. A quick trail fix to get us back to camp and help from a fellow 4wheeler and we welded up the caps on the new u-joint and hit the trail for again. Following our Sunday run on the snake trail we loaded up rigs and hit the road back to Michigan arriving back just before sundown. Check out some of the photos below and to see more head to the Zone’s Facebook page.

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