2019 Ford Ranger Leveling Kit | NPA #159

2019 Ford Ranger Leveling Kit | NPA #159
Zone Offroad New Product Announcement

Zone Offroad is excited to release the first of several new lift and leveling options for the new 2019 Ford Ranger. These new 2” leveling kits have been specially engineered to not only raise the front end of the new Ranger to level the stance, but also maintain ride quality and functionality with room for larger 285/70r17 tires to be installed. The issue with most leveling kits on the market is they use a tall top mounted strut spacer that provides lift, but overextends the suspension or driveline angles at full suspension droop due to the overall length of the strut assembly. This maxes out the ball joints and causing the CV shaft/boot to operate at an extreme angle leading to premature wear/failure of the components. To get around this apparent issue the Zone Offroad kit uses a 2-piece design with a smaller top mounted steel strut spacer in combination with a preload spacer. The top mounted spacer installs easily and is finished in a durable black e-coating for a clean appearance. The preload spacer installs below the spring and raises the ride height without extending the overall length of the strut assembly. The result is a leveling kit done right thatmaintains the factory ride quality and functionality with room for larger tires. As with all Zone Offroad products, these new 2” leveling kits includes Factory Protection Plus for the benefits of a limited lifetime warranty, ESC system compatibility and a 5year-60,000mile drivetrain warranty at no additional charge. Level your new Ford Ranger out with Zone Offroad.

2" Lift Kit
2" Leveling Kit

Product Description

Zone Offroad 2" Leveling Kit for 2019 Ford Ranger

Kit Info

#ZONF1204 - 2" Leveling Kit - $49.95

Vehicle Fitment

2019 Ford Ranger 4WD

Important Notes

Strut disassembly required to install preload spacers.

Max Req'd Tire/Wheel

285/70r17 on 17x8 (stock) (6.67" BS)
285/65r18 on 18x8 (stock) (6.67" BS)

Kit Features

- 2-piece deisgn to lift and level stance
- Maintains OE ride question and handling
- Keeps ball joint/CV operating angles within spec
- Allows fitment of 285/70r17 tires
- Includes Factory Protection Plus

Install Time/Difficulty

1-2 hours (2 of 5)

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • Zone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

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