2019 Ford F150 Lift Kits | NPA #146

2019 Ford F150 Lift Kits | NPA #146
Zone Offroad New Product Announcement

Coldwater, MI — Zone Offroad is now shipping a lift kits for the 2019 Ford F150 4WD trucks. These kits are based on the widely popular 6" IFS lift kits for the 2017-2018 Ford F150, now confirmed compatible with the 2019 models. Kit offerings include the 2" leveling kit, 2" lift kit, and 6" IFS lift kits giving the ability to fit up to 37" tires under your late model F150. These new kits are FMVSS No.126 compatible and are back by Factory Protection Plus, the comprehensive extended warranty giving you peace of mind on or off the road with a 5-year, 60,000-mile drivetrain warranty and limited lifetime warranty on the lift kit.

Product Description

2019 Ford F150 4WD Lift Kits

Vehicle Fitment

2017-2019 Ford F150 4WD

6" Kit Features

- Front/rear heavy duty crossmembers
- Massive ductile iron steering knuckles
- Multipoint differential relocation system
- Robust differential skid plate
- Top mounted strut spacers for OE ride quality
- Replacement 5" rear block kit for level stance
- Allows fitment of up to 37" tires
- FMVSS 126 compliant, does not effect ESC System functionality

Kit Info

2" Leveling Kit (#ZONF1203) - $99.95 msrp
2" Lift Kit (#ZONF1213) - $169.95 msrp
6" IFS Lift Kit (#ZONF52) - 1363.59 msrp

Max Req'd Tire/Wheel

2": 33x12.50 Tire on OE/17x9+ Wheel (5.5-6.5" BS)
6": 37x12.50 Tire on 18x9/20x9 Wheel (5-5.5" BS)

Available Accessories

FOX 2.0 Adventure Series Gas Shocks
#F2419 - 4" Rear Block Kit (6" Kits)
#ZOND5405 - Carrier Bearing Drop Kit (6" Kits)

*** Check our website or verify with your Zone Offroad dealer prior to ordering to verify current product listing accuracy. ***

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • FMVSS No.126 ESC System compliance
  • Zone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
FMVV No.126 Compliant

Media Gallery

2" Leveling Kit
2" Lift Kit
6" IFS Lift Kit
6" IFS Lift Kit
6" IFS Lift Kit

Zone Offroad is excited to now be shipping a diverse lineup of lift option for the new 2017-2019 Ford F150 trucks. See below for individual kit descriptions and head online to see more information.

2" Leveling Kit: If you're looking for a small front end boost of level the stance and fit larger tires then the Zone Offroad 2" leveling kit for you. This kit includes a pair of top mounted strut spacers and grade 8 hardware allowing for enough clearance for 33" tires. The top strut spacer design retains the OEM dampening while speeding up installation time without the need to disassemble the struts.

2" Lift Kit: The F150 owners looking to for a small lift and to retain the factory tail high stance, Zone Offroad offers a complete 2" lift kit. This kit combines the 2" front leveling kit with a 2" billet aluminum rear block and u-bolt kit. This kit retains the tail high stance with room for 33" tires. Optional accessories include Zone hydro,nitro gas, or FOX 2.0 adventure series gas shocks for improved dampening performance.

6" Lift Kit: Stepping up to the 6" IFS lift kit, Zone Offroad offers a compete system designed for smooth on-road ride quality, handling and comfort while improving the trucks offroad capability. Along with correcting the suspension and steering geometry, these kits are FMVSS No.126 compliant allowing for peace of mind on the road as they will not effect functionality of the factory installed ESC system. At the heart of these its are a pair of heavy duty crossmembers to relocate the LCA positioning along with ductile iron steering knuckles to maintain steering geometry and retain use of the factory UCAs and hub assemblies.  These crossmembers are held together by a thick differential skid plate creating an extremely rigid subframe with added offroad protection. The front differential is repositioned down used a multi-point relocation bracket kit to correct CV operating angles and a T6061 billet aluminum front driveshaft spacer is supplied along with longer hardware to ensure correct function on and offroad. This kit retained the factory gas struts and uses a main of top mounted strut spacers to retain OE ride quality and speed up installation. Along with that  pair of sway bar relocation brackets to correct sway bar operating angle, eccentric cam bolts to ease with alignment, brake line relocation brackets, and all the hardware necessary to install.

In the rear the kit uses a 5" replacement block kit to level the stance with the factory block removed. This 5" block features an integrated bump stop wing and uses an offset pin design to reposition the rear axle in the center of the wheelwell. Also supplied for the rear are longer u-bolts, brake line brackets and your choice of Zone nitro gas shocks or FOX 2.0 Adventure Series gas shocks. This system allows for up to 37" tires to be installed. Lift your new F150 up right with Zone Offroad!

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Hi there,i have my 2016 ford f50 installed with 6inch lift kit.all seems ok.i just notice they didn’t installed back the oem skid plate. My question is is it not really compatible with the lift? Truck is fx4 package 2016 f150 v8 engine.thanks

Hi Jay, I know that’s the case on with the EcoBoost F150,(step 4) of http://4x4media.info/instructions/zon/F2634.pdf but its not specified in the instructions for the other engines.

In general the factory skid plates install to factory mounting points underneath so when installing the drop crossmembers and aftermarket skid plates with the lift kit the factory skids can’t be reinstalled

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