Tundra 3.5″ Adventure Series Lift Kit | NPA #113

Tundra 3.5″ Adventure Series Lift Kit | NPA #113
Zone Offroad New Product Announcement

Now on the shelf and ready to ship, Zone Offroad Products is offering new 3.5" adventure series UCA lift systems for the 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra 2wd/4wd trucks. Engineered to take advantage of the factory suspension design, these new kits offer smooth on road ride quality while increasing wheel travel when you hit the trails. This improves on the standard leveling kit with top mounted strut spacers, heavy duty upper control arms, bump stop extensions, sway bar and differential relocation brackets, rear shackles to level the stance and your shocks of rear shocks. With clearance for up to 35" tires, this 3.5" adventure series system is a more affordable option to the full IFS lift systems. Get more out of your 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra with this new suspension system from Zone Offroad.

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • Zone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Description

Zone 3.5" Adventure Series UCA Lift Kits

Vehicle Fitment

2007-2016 Toyota Tundra 2WD/4WD

Kit ID Number(s)

#T6 (w/ Hydro Shocks)
#T6N (w/ Nitro Shocks)


$819.95 (T6)
$833.59 (T6N)

3.5'' Adventure Series Kit Features

  • High strength boxed upper control arms
  • High quality greaseable ball joints for long, quiet service life
  • Differential relocation to improve CV angle
  • Top mounted strut spacer retains factory ride quality and speed up installation time
  • Finished in textured black powdercoat
  • Allows for 35" tires to be installed

Rec'd Max Wheel/Tire Specs

35x12.50 tires on 18x9/20x9 wheels w/ 6" BSing
*other sizes may fit, but may require trimming

Coldwater, MI: Zone Offroad continues to expand its lineup of suspension lifts with new 3.5" Adventure Series UCA Lift Systems for the 2007-2016 Toyota Tundra 2wd/4wd trucks. Designed to allow you to get more out of your factory suspension geometry, these kits offer smooth on-road ride quality while improving offroad performance with room for up to 35" tires.

At the heart of these new lift systems are a pair of adventure series upper control arms (UCA). These new adventure series arms use a repositioned ball joint mount to provide greater range of motion for improved suspension travel. This corrects the ball joint binding issue common on stock control arms leading to premature wear of ball joints. The arms are constructed from 1/8" steel plate, boxed and fully welded with CNC machined ball joint and bushing cups. High quality MOOG ball joints come pre-installed and ready to handle offroad abuse. These ball joints are greaseable for easy servicing as well as far superior corrosion protection when compared to uniball style control arms. At the frame mount, the arms use factory style, durometer-specific rubber bushings pre-installed for quiet maintenance free. The arms come fully assembled, finished in a durable textured black powdercoat finish for quick, easy installation right out of the box.

Also included in the 3.5" adventure series UCA system are a pair of top mounted steel fabricated strut spacers designed to provide the lift while retaining original ride quality. The top mounted design is simple to install and speeding up installation time by not requiring strut disassembly. With the increased ride height the factory bump stops are relocated with the supplied relocation brackets. Similarly the sway bar is relocated using drop brackets to retain an operating angle similar to stock. Finishing off the front of this 3.5" adventure series lift kit are differential drop spacers and longer hardware to keep the CV axle angles at a minimum while still allowing the use of the factory front driveline. For 2wd models these are not used. In the rear this kit uses a replacement shackle to provide 1" of lift to level the vehicle stance. Rounding out the rear is your choice of rear hydro or nitro gas shocks. Improve your Tundra's stance and performance with the new 3.5" Adventure Series UCA system from Zone Offroad.

3.5'' Adventure Series UCA Kit Photos

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Tundra 3.5" Installed Photos

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We ran 35×12.50×20 Atturo M/Ts on 20×9 (5″ BSing) American Outlaw Hollywoods on the tan Tundra with our 3.5″ adventure series lift kit. Some trimming was required to clear in all driving situations on/off-road

I just had this lift installed and the front is way higher than the rear. Did the dealer/installer do something wrong? Shouldn’t it be level? Also, I went with 275/70/18’s and they seem a bit too small. What’s the biggest I can go without trimming?

Hey Jeff, the kit should sit level or near level once installed. From the factory the Tundra is built 2.5-3″ nose low, this kit is designed as a 3.5″ front / 1″ rear to level out the stance. Its hard to say if it was installed correctly without seeing photos and checking the truck in person. You are welcome to contact our customer service team with photos of side shots of the truck and some closeups of the front suspension and rear shackle so they can let you know if the kit seems to be installed correctly. They’ll also want measurements from the center of the wheel hubs up to the top of the fender opening to reference ride height. You can contact Zone Offroad customer service at (888) 998-9663 or

As for your question about tires, we spec the 3.5″ lift kit to fit up to 34-35″ tires (35s may require minor trimming). We list wheel/tire recommendations on this announcement and on the product page on our website. Your 275/70r18 measures out to about a 33.2×11 tire

At this time we have not officially approved kits for the 2018 Tundra. While current kits will physically install there are a number of tests needed to confirm compatibility with the factory TSS-P system before we will officially be announcing 2018 listings.

Hi Josh,
Our 3.5″ Adventure Series Kit will allow you to install 17″ wheels as long as they have 4.5” of backspacing for steering clearance which will also require you to go with a 33×12.50 tire. In order to run a metric 35″ tire, you’ll need to go to an 18-20” wheel is required with 6-6.25” back spacing. For more on the topic our tech support team is available at (888) 998-9663

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