RAM HD T-Case Indexing Ring Kits | NPA #112

RAM HD T-Case Indexing Ring Kits | NPA #112
Zone Offroad New Product Announcement

Along with new product development, the engineers at Zone Offroad Products continue to test and refine existing products to improve on their design, strength and durability. The latest refinement are new transfer case indexing ring kits for the 2009-2016 RAM HD trucks that feature a thinner design with ultra-strong ARP-brand mounting studs. The thinner design maximizes spline engagement and allows the 6-bolt transfer case equipped trucks to improve the front driveline angle. Designed for RAM 2500 and 3500 trucks, this indexing ring kit allows the factory front driveshaft with 6-8" lift kits by rotating the transfer case to improve the front output flange positioning and eliminate any driveline vibrations than may occur. Two new kits are available for late model RAM HD trucks.

The first, #D5815 is designed to fit 2009-2013 RAM 2500 and 2009-2012 RAM 2500 trucks. In addition to the new black e-coated indexing ring with ARP studs, this kit provides a CNC machined, billet-aluminum front driveshaft spacer and longer mounting hardware allowing the factory front driveshaft to be reinstalled when used in combination with 6-8" lift kits.

The second, #D5623 is designed to fit the 2014-2016 RAM 2500 and 2013-2016 RAM 3500 trucks. This kit includes the new thinner indexing ring with ARP studs, billet machined front driveshaft spacer, mounting hardware as well as the low profile transmission crossmember. This bolt-in replacement crossmember is built from strong 1/4" steel and integrates a new transmission mount. The design improves front driveshaft clearance when used with 4-6.5" lift kits.

These new transfer case indexing ring kits come standard in several late model RAM HD lift kits from Zone Offroad and can also be purchased for use with other lift kits to improve front drive line positioning.

Product Description

 RAM HD Transfer Case Indexing Ring Kits

Vehicle Fitment

2009-2013 RAM 2500 4WD (w/ 6-8" lift)
2009-2012 RAM 3500 4WD (w/ 6-8" lift)
2014-2016 RAM 2500 4WD (w/ 4-6.5" lift)
2013-2016 RAM 3500 4WD (w/ 4-6.5" lift)

Kit ID Number(s)



$150.49 (#D5815)
$250.00 (#D5623)

#D5815 TCase Indexing Ring Kit

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#D5623 TCase Indexing Ring Kit

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