Zone Offroad 4.5″ XJ Suspension System Review

Well I have eventually upgraded my tired Pro-Comp 2 inch suspension to a Zone 4.5 inch lift, with Nitro shocks . I’m happier than a WJ owner in a Shopping Mall car park 🙂

So far I am very impressed with the ride, but I haven’t had it offroad yet. I can’t compare it to stock, because I have never had a stock suspension, but I will say that the onroad ride is far nicer than both the Pro-Comp (when it was still functioning) & the OME on my previous XJ. The Zone system really gives a fantastic ride.

Before I bought it, what worried me the most, about going 4.5, was the fear that the Jeep would be unstable (this suspension lift is BIG ). But what has impressed me the most so far is the stability. I did expect the handling to be a bit leary, & accepted that I’d have to compromise & get used to it. But the stability is amazing for such a high lift. I can even even corner as before – no problem!

In fact, I’d even say it feels a lot more stable than the both the previous lower 2 inch lifts that I have had. I think that they must have put a lot of effort into the coil/shock research. the whole vehicle just feels so much more sure footed than before.

I have got an issue with the rear prop vibration under acceleration, which my Mechanic still need to sort out, but its fine to drive for the weekend. They will either add more spacers on the cross member to lower the box, or tilt the rear axle. The later is a biggish job. Alternately a double cardon will be added to the back prop (the front already has one on the T/C case side). Some welding has already been deployed .

I am impressed with how particular the fitters were with the installation, but I did get an indignant look from them when I asked if he had read the instructions. After the prop is sorted, I have to take it back after 1000 km’s for inspection.

The tyres are next, because it does look like an over-grown shopping trolley at the moment. A set of 31 inch Maxxis Trepadors to follow

A big, big THANK YOU to Andrew (Zone RSA) for the usual great service, patience & advice

-Neil Kelsall (South Africa)

Thank you for the feedback, Neil! If you achieved more lift than expected in the rear, the slight vibration that you are feeling should go away once the Add-a-leafs settle to their normal height.

If anyone needs assistance with Zone Offroad Products in South Africa, is the place to go!

2 comments on “Zone Offroad 4.5″ XJ Suspension System Review”

  1. Neil Kelsall Reply

    Thanks for the AAL advice. Andrew said the same. I will give it some berries over the weekend to get them to settle a bit more. These are some of the obstacles that I have in mind 🙂

    By the way, the Flex joint BDS Upper control arms are unbreakable. I managed to destroy 3 of the Jeep stock ones in 6 weeks :-). My mate broke 7 so far – he has got the BDS ones & he’s crazier than me 🙂

    • Zone Admin Reply

      Looks like you are in for a good time! When you tackle those obstacles don’t forget to have the video camera recording. We love action footage!

      Thank you for the complements on our sister suspension companies products, I will pass it on to them and I am sure they will appreciate the feedback as well.

      Thank you again, Neil!
      -The Zone Offroad Crew

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