Chevy 1500 Fender Trim Plates | NPA #135

Chevy 1500 Fender Trim Plates | NPA #135
Zone Offroad New Product Announcement

Anyone that has owned or worked on a later model GM truck can attest to the tire clearance limitations from the squared off fenders. While installing a lift is a common solution, even then clearance can be limited and running wider wheels and more aggressive offsets may still cause clearance issues when turning the wheel tightly or cycling the suspension during offroad use. Zone Offroad now offers a solution to help open up additional tire clearance at the lower rear portion of the front fenders with new fender trim plates. These brackets require trimming the factory inner fender and pinch weld behind the liner to install these new inner fender trim plates for 5/8" of additional tire clearance. Commonly referred to as the Norcal fender mod, these new brackets allow for a cleaner factory looking appearance once completed by reusing the factory inner fender hardware and plastic corner guard rather than using zip ties or self tapping screws commonly used to do this mod. Currently these fender trim plates are available for the 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 trucks, additional applications will be coming soon.

Product Description

'14+ Chevy 1500 Front Fender Trim Plates

Vehicle Fitment

2014-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500

Kit Info

#ZONC5652 - $19.95

Install Time/Difficulty

1-2 Hours / 1 of 5 Difficulty

*** Check website or verify with Zone Offroad prior to ordering to confirm product is up to date with current manufacturer listing ***

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We have additional fender trim kits in the works, as new kits hit the shelves ready to ship we’ll be sending out announcements and adding them to our website

“Clearing” would depend on the wheel/tire combo you went with (wider and smaller backspace more likely to still rub) as well as how you planned to use the truck (offroad use is more likely to rub in situations where the suspension if flexed with the tires turn as opposed to on-road use).

That said check out this install video of the trim plates. We were able to allow clearance for 35×12.50 tires on 17×9 wheels with a 3.5″ lift kit.

I currently installed the 6.5 inch lift with 35″ tires on a 2015 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado. I was told no rubbing would occur but it has. For some reason its only when i reverse and turn sharp. Will this plate work for my truck to prevent the rubbing?

Hi Jason, while the 6.5″ lift kit allows for clearance of up to 35×12.50 tires, ultimately that is dependent on following the wheel recommendations we list on our website, Wider wheels and wheels with smaller backspacing measurements may rub in some situations and require trimming. While I can’t guarantee this fender trim plate will eliminate all rubbing in all situations (especially without knowing your wheel specs), it will further improve tire clearance at the backside of the front wheel well opening

You planning on a kit for the 2500 and 3500 trucks, new body style. Need to do this to my ’18 3500. Thanks

Hi Eric, we have a several of these trim plate kits in the works, unfortunately I can’t discuss which applications or expected release dates (company policy). As kits hit the shelves ready to ship we’ll be adding them to our website and begin promoting.

With the Chevrolet trim kit bracket #c5652 does this work on 2500 or just 1500. I can’t see it being different

Hi Chad, these are designed for use on the 1500 models only and haven’t tested on the 2500s at this point.

Difficult to say without seeing the vehicle and how bad its trimming. For reference it will add 5/8″ of additional clearance on the backside of the front wheelwheels.

curious as to mudflap application after this mod is done, would kickbacks be able to mount without difficulty or impeding the clearance gained from doing this?? currently want to install 6″ BDS and run 35×12.5 with -24 offset but not sure ill fit on my half ton

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