XJ Testimonial- Great Ride & Great Flex

XJ Testimonial- Great Ride & Great Flex


We love hear back from our customer with how they use and abuse their rigs. Kevin Kunz wrote to us on Facebook¬†with an update on how his Zone 4.5” Lift Kit equipped Jeep XJ is holding up a year later. Here’s what Kevin had to say:

Thank you Zone!

Its been a year since I installed my 4.5 inch kit on my 98 XJ. Over that year, I’ve put this rig through hell and back. Its been to the local offroad parks numerous times as well as throwing it around out by the lake with the guys. I regret to say, I was even in an accident with it and the kit has held up beautifully to everything I throw at it. The ride is outstanding both off and on road. It has more than enough articulation for my needs as well! Here’s to one year down and a hopeful many to come!

-Kevin Kunz

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