Upcoming Products for Bronco and Bronco Sport

Upcoming Products for Bronco and Bronco Sport

2021 Ford Bronco & Bronco Sport

Bronco Sport - 1.5" Kit

Bronco (w/ Sasq) - 1" Kit on 35s

Bronco (w/o Sasq) - 2" Kit on 35s

Bronco (w/ Sasq) - 3" Kit on 37s

ZONF1102 - Bronco 1" Leveling Kit

ZONF1220 - Bronco 2" Lift Kit


After what feels like years and years of waiting the 2021 Ford Bronco is hitting the street, the trails and getting put into action. All of us here at Zone Offroad have been stoked to get our hands on the Bronco to develop a wide range of lift kits and accessories for them able to not only improve the look, but also the performance and capability with clearance for larger tires. Our engineers are working quickly to develop, test and ultimately manufacture our Bronco products right here in the USA.

Bronco Sport: Kit offerings will include kits for the Bronco, but also the Bronco Sport. For the Bronco Sport that includes a 1.5” spacer kit designed  to work within the parameters of the factory suspension and allow clearance for larger aftermarket wheels and tires. (say this standing in front of the lifted Bronco Sport)

Bronco: For the bigger Bronco, we’ll be offering lift options for both the 2Dr and 4Dr versions of all trim levels. Our kits have been specially designed to take advantage of the Bronco’s impressive suspension design to offer improved performance and capability with clearance for larger tires. Building off the factory independent front suspension and rear 4-link with four-corner coilovers, all kits are being are being developed allow extra height and tire clearance while maintaining on and off-road vehicle performance. The 1-2” kits have already been released for the base Broncos will utilize strut spacers to lift and level the stance where the 4” kits for the base and 2-3” kits for the Badlands and Sasquatch equipped Broncos with use strut spacers and new upper control arms to maintain performance and suspension travel with clearance for 37” tires. Expect to see all of these kits along with upper control arm, alignment cams and other accessories out late Summer to early Fall of this year.

Stepping up to the taller 6” lift kits these kits will take a bit longer for development, test and bring to market with drop crossmembers, replacement steering knuckles, differential relocation and more to allow clearance for much larger tires. Look for these 6” kits to come available earlier 2022.

ZONF1102 - Bronco 1" Leveling Kits - Shipping Now
ZONF1220 - Bronco 2" Lift Kits (non - Badlands/Sasquatch) - Shipping Aug.2021
Bronco Sport Listings - Coming Soon
Bronco 2-6" Kit and Accessory Listings - Coming Soon

Other Bronco Accessories: Beyond those systems we will be launching additional accessories and components to further enhance your Bronco experience. Along with these upcoming Zone Offroad products the FOX Factory family of brands will be bringing new suspension, shock, armor, bumper, fender and other accessories to market over the coming months so stay tuned, we’ve got a lot more coming.

Keep a look out for updates on of website and social media pages, sign up for notifications on our website. We’re looking forward to helping you take your Bronco to the next level.


when do you think the realistic 3″ kit for the badlands will be out. I just got mine on Wednesday and cant wait to get 37″ under it
also are you taking reservations/ pre-orders for it

Hey John, we’re expecting to have additional kit sizes available within the next 4-6 weeks. We haven’t released them for pre-sale yet, but keep an eye out for updates, we’ll be allowing pre-sale closer to launch date.

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