2″ Lift Kits for ’11-15 Chevy/GMC HDs | NPA #82

2″ Lift Kits for ’11-15 Chevy/GMC HDs | NPA #82

2011-2015 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500HD 2″ Lift Kit

Fits: 2011-2015 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 HD 2WD/4WD Pickup

Kit: 2″ Lift Kit 

Part: #C1244 (w/o overloads)/C1245 (w/ overloads)

Base Price: $159.95

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  • 2″ front torsion bar keys
  • Front shock extensions or replacement shocks
  • 2″ rear block and u-bolt kit
  • Easy installation
  • Great ride and maintains towing capability

Quick Specs:

Skill Level: 3 of 5

Installation Time: 3-4 hrs

Max Tire Size: 34×11.50

Wheel Size: 17×9, 18×9, 20×9

Backspacing: 5-6″

Coldwater, MI—August 28, 2014— Zone Offroad Products adds to its product offerings for the 2011-2015 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 HD trucks with new 2″ complete lift kits designed to clear up to 34″ tires. Up front 2″ cast torsion bar keys to raise the front suspension. These keys are made in the USA and 100% resonant frequency tested to ensure a solid casting. Shock extension spacers are included to allow the factory shocks to be reused. The rear is lifted via a 2″ block and u-bolt kit to maintain a slightly tail high stance, ideal for trucks used for towing regularly. Kits are available to fit trucks equipped with and without the top mounted overload springs.

Optional accessories for this 2″ lift kit include front and rear shocks and a steering stabilizer to improve steering dampening and drivability. For more info on this kits and other available options for the 2011-2015 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 HD trucks, check out zoneoffroad.com or call (888) 998-ZONE.

Support Files

Zone Lift Kit
2″ Lift Kit
Download hi-res image: c1244-a.jpg

2014 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pickup with 6.5 inch lift
Chevy 2500HD with 2″ Lift Kit
Download hi-res image: c1244_app01.jpg


I have a 2012 GMC Sierra leveled right now I just ordered sota 22×10 -25offset with 33in tires
I wanna buy your guys 5″ lift kit but I really don’t wanna lift it high I’m just looking to make the ride better and maybe prevent rubbing. Do you guys have any idea what I would do and or pictures of your 5″ kits with 33″ in my body style. I heard do your lift and then decrank the torsions down but I want it to sit level so idk if the 3in block would be two much please help thank you for your time

Hey Thomas, this is a duplicate response to your question on out Facebook page…

On the HD trucks you may be able to fit that wheel/tire combo with your current leveling kit setup and some minor trimming. As you’ve seen going from stock to leveled with the torsion bar keys the ride will begin to get a bit stiffer by cranking on the torsion bars. We offer a 3″ UCA lift system for the HD trucks that would put you at the ideal ride height to fit your tire/wheel setup. The ride quality will be similar to how a leveled truck is and the real benefit is the increase in wheel travel. Your stock upper control arms (UCA) max out the ball joint during droop travel, our arms correct the ball joint neutral position for between 2-3″ of lift allowing for more droop. For more on this kit head to http://zoneoffroad.com/zone-offroad-products-3in-suspension-lift-kit-chevy-gmc/c37n-c38n

Your other option would be the complete 5″ IFS lift system. This will offer the best ride quality by putting the torsion bars back in the stock positioning. We don’t recommend un-cranking them much past the stock positioning as the rest of the kit is designed to correct steering/suspension/drivetrain geometry for 4.5-5.5″ of lift. For more on this kit head to http://zoneoffroad.com/zone-offroad-products-3-5in-suspension-lift-kit-chevy-gmc-pickup/c12n-c13n

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