Part Out Hummer H3 Episode

Part Out with Nate is a new series where each week he’ll take an in depth look at parts, vehicles, and events to showcase some of the best parts in the automotive aftermarket. This week Nate got his hands on a Hummer H3 to highlight a few upgrades to prep this already capable rig for a mix of trail and offroad use. The upgrades highlighted in this episode include the Zone Offroad 2″ Leveling Kit to get rid of the front end rake and allow a set of 35×12.50 Pitbull PBX A/T tires to be mounted on 17×9 XD Machete wheels. The 3.5L straight-5 cylinder was brought to life with a Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 programmer. Check out the episode and be sure to subscribe to the page on YouTube to see feature episodes.

Part Out: Hummer H3 Overhaul

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