Great weekend at the Lima 4Wheel Jamboree

Great weekend at the Lima 4Wheel Jamboree

Lima-Zone01This past weekend was the 28th Annual 4 Wheel Jamboree in Lima, OH. On Wednesday night we did a once over on our tow rig and trailer and loaded up product and gear and were ready to head out. After a quick 2 hour drive Thursday morning we rolled into the Allen County Fairgrounds with our sights set on an action packed 3 day event. After unloading Project MJ and setting up our booth space we headed to the car wash for a quick detailing session before calling it a day.

As we rolled into the fairgrounds Friday morning the weather was perfect and diesel smoke was already filling the air. The gates were flooding with participants itching to get in as vendors took advantage of the calm before the storm to make last minute touches to their booths. When 9am rolled around the gates opened and the action was spooling up. Rigs of all types filled up the cruise route as the sound of horsepower and testosterone echoed from the activities going on in the infield. As the heat index grew so did the crowd, and with many past and potential customers stopping by our booth to pickup some Zone gear and check out our show specials there was never a dull moment.

It never fails, no matter how many lime green Koozies we bring to this show we always sell out, and it happened again this year. Project MJ was a huge hit again and the new lime green graphics and color scheme of the HD tow rig drew a lot of attention as well as requests for lime green shirts and decals. We love all the support for what we do and appreciate all those who stopped by our booth with feedback, to say hi, and talk suspension. We always enjoy working with those in search of their new lift kit and helping with any questions. We are extremely grateful for all our customers who have made us who and what we are today. Also, thank you to the Family Events staff who worked very hard to make this show happen, kudos to them for another great Jamboree. We look forward to a summer full of awesome events like this one and hope you all can find the time to fit one or two into your busy schedules, life is too short and we all need a little more 4×4 action in our lives!
Check out some of the photo from the event and see all the rest on the  Zone Facebook Page.

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