We always love to hear back from our customers. Finding out what trails they hit, where they’ve traveled, how our lift kit is holding up and where its taken them. Recently we heard back from Ricardo who owns a newer RAM 1500 and met us at last year’s Offroad Expo in search of a small lift for truck. Here’s what he sent us on the one Facebook page: 2014 Ram 1500 with the Zone 2inch level kit and zone upper arms.. back in 2014 at the off road expo you guys where the only company to actually take the time

Some road trips go smoother than others, this wasn’t one of them. Last month while on our way out to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari we ran into some problems. We get the occasional road construction or blown trailer tire that keeps a trip from staying on schedule, but this trip was different, much worse, and in the end couldn’t have worked out better with the help of a handful of awesome companies. We hit the road to drive the 24-hours from Michigan to Utah in the Zone RAM 2500 towing our 24ft trailer with Project MJ and show displays loaded

2008 Dodge Ram with 3" Zone body lift

Everything went together and fit perfectly, a great kit all in all. I am very happy I went with Zone on this kit instead of your competitors kit with the super cheap bumper brackets. My truck looks totally different know and rides even better than stock as I also added  a set of front and rear Bilstein 5100 Off Road Shocks. Scott Miller, Minnesota View this kit and more photos on our product page. Zone 3″ Body Lift for 06-08 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup

“I bought this kit from Dave at the Bloomsburg Jamboree. I installed it yesterday. I just wanted to thank you all for building an awesome product! It was so easy to install, hell, it took longer to do the alignment then it took to install your kit. Thanks, Rich Rudzinski” http://zoneoffroad.com/product?ki=225&gr=-1 Thanks for the feedback Rich – I told you it would fit!

2008 Dodge Ram with 3" Zone body lift

Just wanted to tell you that I love my zone 6 inch suspension that I got for my 2006 dodge ram 1500…Rides like stock sits good and feels great sitting higher than other trucks….Just wanted to say keep up the good work and wanted to tell ya how great your kit is cuz you prob dont get alot of compliments sent to you personally….ill send some pics your way man when i get a chance thanks don justice Thanks Don, We’ve been gaining a lot of traction on our Dodge line-up.  For those of your looking for more feedback on Zone Offroad