Our first adventure with this Jeep was on a Michigan Fall Colors Tour with our sister companies, BDS Suspension, JKS Manufacturing, and RMT Overland. This was a great trip where we got to experience the Silver Lake Sand Dunes, iconic spots such as the Tunnel of Trees and Mackinac Bridge, as well as venture through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and hit some offroad trails. […]

Today’s Tech Talk topic: Upper Control Arms
The two main purposes of the Zone Offroad heavy duty UCAs is to provide a better ball joint angle and additional suspension travel. Watch the video as Andy discusses these topics and more!

Today’s Tech Talk topic: Alignment
Some of the most common questions we get have to do with alignment.
Alignment consists of three major things: caster, camber, and tow.

In Episode 1 we will cover Lift Blocks. When to use them and why.

Without a doubt the biggest show each year is the SEMA Show out in Las Vegas each Fall. This industry only trade show welcomes more that 2500 vendors and upwards of 100,000 industry professionals each year to see the latest and greatest in the automotive aftermarket. From lifted trucks and offroad racing to import tuning, drift cars and exotics, SEMA has something to peak the interest of anyone into the automotive scene with new trends and styles coming to life here at the show. Vendors, media, and customers come from around the world for the 4 days barrage of automotive