3-4″ Lift Kits for 2021 Ford Bronco | NPA #192

3-4″ Lift Kits for 2021 Ford Bronco | NPA #192

Zone Offroad is excited to expand its product lineup for the 2021 Ford Bronco to include 3-4" Adventure Series lift kits options designed to improve ground clearance, maintain ride quality and allow clearance for 35-37" tires. Built to improve on the Broncos' stout chassis design with 4-corner coilovers, these systems 2-piece spacers, bump stop extensions and the new Adventure Pro Series cast upper control arms to achieve the taller stance. All kits include Factory Protection Plus for peace of mind out on the trail.

Product Title

3-4" Adventure Series Lift Kits
for 2021 Ford Bronco

Vehicle Fitment

2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door*
2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door*
*options available for all trims

Install Time

3-4 Hours
3of5 Difficulty

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • Zone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Kit Info

F94 – 4” Adventure Series Lift Kit for Bronco 2Dr (non Badlands or Sasquatch)
F95 – 4” Adventure Series Lift Kit for Bronco 4Dr (non Badlands or Sasquatch)
F96 – 3” Adventure Series Lift Kit for Bronco 2Dr (w/ Sasquatch package)
F97 – 3” Adventure Series Lift Kit for Bronco 4Dr (w/ Sasquatch package)
F100 – 3.5” Adventure Series Lift Kit for Bronco 4Dr (Badlands, non Sasquatch) - prelaunch (avail Dec '21)
F101 – 3.5” Adventure Series Lift Kit for Bronco 2Dr (Badlands, non Sasquatch) - prelaunch (avail Dec '21)


Maintains vehicle ride and handling performance while improving offroad capability.
2-piece strut spacer design maintains ride quality without overextending suspension during down travel
Adventure Pro Series upper control arms for improved strength, travel and maintenance-free operation.
Lifts and levels the stance with clearance for oversized wheels and tires.
Designed for easy installation with ball joint tool include.
Designed and manufactured in the USA.
Includes Factory Protection Plus warranty program.

Tire/Wheel Recommendations

37x12.50 Tires on 17x9 Wheels (5-5.5" BS)*
35x12.50 Tires on 17x9 Wheels (5-5.5" BS)
35x11.20 Tires on 17x9 Wheels (5-6" BS)
315/70r17 Tires on stock 17" Sasquatch Wheels
285/70r17 Tires on stock 17" Badlands Wheels
275/80r17 Tires on stock 17" Black Diamond Wheels
275/70r18 Tires on stock 17" Outer Banks Wheels

Coldwater, MI: Building on the current 1" and 2" kits available for the new 2021 Ford Bronco, Zone Offroad is excited announce the addition of 3”/3.5”/4" lift kits. With the main goal of build on the Bronco’s stout factory design with 4-corner coilovers, these systems not only allow clearance for 35-37” tires, but maintains ride quality, handling performance and offroad capability. Kits heights are based on net lift height gained over factory so on Broncos with base suspension (ie non Badlands and non Sasquatch) kits net 4” of lift, on a Bronco Badlands (non Sasquatch) net lift is 3.5” and Broncos with Sasquatch package net 3” of lift over stock. At the heart of all these kits are a pair of Adventure Pro Series upper control arms. These high strength cast arms offer a great look under the Bronco and allow for additional suspension travel, camber correction. These utilize vulcanized rubber bushings that come pre-installed for smooth quiet operation. Due to the extreme angle achieved by the factory ball joints these systems are designed to reuse the ball joints in the new control arms. Zone Offroad provides a special tool to make removal and installation easy.

The additional ride height comes in the form of 2-piece strut spacers utilizing a top mounted strut spacer in combination with a spring perch spacer. The reason for this 2-piece design rather than a taller 1-piece top mount spacer found in other kits on the market is the 2-piece design provides the lift without adding too much length to the strut assembly at full extension to maintain operating angles for the CVs, steering tie rods, sway bars and lower control arms. Also supplied for the front are a pair of bump stop extensions designed to properly limit suspension compression and all the necessary hardware to complete the install. Out back depending on the configuration you’ll receive a top mounted strut spacer and possibly a spring perch spacer and bump stop extensions to lift and level out the stance. These kits are spec’d to allow clearance for 35-37” tires, however 37s will require modification to the factory intrusion beams (aka the crash bars). Get your Bronco lifted with Zone Offroad.

Media Gallery

F94 Shown

F95 Shown

F96 Shown

F97 Shown

Bronco Roadmap Plans

What's Zone Offroad got coming for the new Bronco? We're working through the development and testing on a wide range of lift options and accessories for the new Bronco to include 1-6" lift options. Check the video with more info and check out the Bronco roadmap post at Bronco Roadmap - Zone Blog


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How about a COMBO? I would be interested in a 1.5″ x .75″ leveling kit, for the new Bronco. I know it’s not a true level, but I hate it when I see a level kit that has two kids in the back seat… and it looks like it is taking off…

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