2019-20 Chevy/GMC 1500 Adventure Series Upper Control Arm Box Kit | NPA #170

2019-20 Chevy/GMC 1500 Adventure Series Upper Control Arm Box Kit | NPA #170

Zone Offroad expands its lineup of Adventure Series Upper Control Arms (UCA) to now include the 2019-2020 Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks. These new arms are a direct replacement for the factory upper arms and offer improved ball joint positioning for more wheel travel on leveled and lifted trucks. These new control arms dwarf the factory units for improved performance and strength, with high quality ball joints and OE style rubber bushings for smooth, quiet operation. Upgrade your Chevy/GMC upper control arms with adventure series UCAs from Zone Offroad.

Product Title

2019-20 Chevy/GMC 1500 Adventure Series Upper Control Arm Box Kit

Vehicle Fitment

2019-2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 2WD/4WD Standard and Trail Boss
2019-2020 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD/4WD Standard, AT4, and Denali


- Improved strength with fully welded plate steel construction
- CNC machined ball joint cup with improved positioning ideal for use with leveling/lift kits
- High quality greasable ball joints with a protective cap to keep out dirt/debris
- OE style rubber bushings for durability and maintenance-free operation
- Optional weld-on steering stops and wheel spacer supplied for use with factory wheels
- Fully assembled and ready to install

Kit Info

#ZONC2314 - GM1500 Adventure Series Upper Control Arm Kit - $499.95

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Install Time/Difficulty

1-2 Hours / 2 of 5

Important Notes

- Will NOT work for stock height vehicles or 4" IFS lift kits for standard GM1500 models.
- Will work on Denali models equipped with 2" leveling or 6" lift kits.
- Will work on Trail Boss/AT4 models at stock ride height, 1.75" leveling kit or 4" IFS lift kit.
- Will work with most leveling kits and 6" lift kits on the market.
- 5.5" max backspacing when used with the stock steering knuckles.

*Attn State of California consumers: Prop 65 Warning

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • Zone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

New for the 2019-2020 Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks, Zone Offroad has released adventure series upper control arm (UCA) kits specially designed for improved suspension travel and added strength over the factory units; perfect for leveled/lifted applications. They use a repositioned ball joint mount to provide greater range of motion for increased suspension travel. This corrects the ball joint binding issue common on stock control arms that may lead to premature wear of factory ball joints. Specially built to maximize tire/wheel clearance, these steel fabricated, fully boxed, and welded with CNC machined ends, arms feature high quality greaseable ball joints and OE rubber bushings to strength, durability and quiet operation. The high quality ball joints are build to outperform OE units allow for easy servicing and superior corrosion protection when compared to uniball style control arms. Red anodized aluminum ball joint caps are used to keep mud and grime off the ball joints and create a clean, high-end appearance. At the frame mount, the arms use factory style, durometer-specific rubber bushings pre-installed for quiet maintenance free operation. This kit includes hardware to mount the factory brake line brackets to the new arms and optional weld-in steering stops to allow use of more tire/wheel combinations. These UCA's come finished in a durable textured black powercoat for long-lasting good looks. Arms are fully assembled for quick, easy installation right out of the box. In addition to the arms, optional weld-on steering stops are supplied for trucks using factory wheels, as well as a wheel spacer for clearance in the event the factory spare tire needs to be installed. Upgrade your GM's upper control arms to Adventure Series Upper Control Arms from Zone Offroad.

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The steering stops are not required for use with factory wheels, but they are recommended to for clearance when turning full lock

I just purchased a 2020 GMC AT4. I am going to purchase your 1.75″ Leveling Kit but on the fence post if I really need these really nice Upper Control Arms. Is the 1.75″ leveling kit not good enough by itself ($130) or are there issues with just using the leveling kit? One of the other companies product has a warning about the leveling kit and using the 4WD Auto function on the truck. Does Zone have any warning associated to the vehicles drive line from installing the leveling kits with/without the Upper Control Arms? Asking lots of questions to make sure I don’t ruin other components on my truck by not purchasing the right parts to level it. Thanks Tony

Hey Tony,
Thanks for your interest in Zone Offroad. Short answer is no, the UCAs are not required to run our leveling kit on the AT4, but are a good upgrade and have a few benefits over the factory UCAs.

The AT4 uses the same base chassis/suspension design as the standard GM1500 trucks, just with roughly a 2″ taller ride height. In general adding a leveling kit would be like setting the ride height of a standard GM1500 3.5-4″ over stock which if not handled correctly can cause issues. The warning that other kit use is due to most using a top mount spacer design which will give the ride height, but also increases the overall length of the strut assembly to the point of can overextending the suspension, steering and driveline angles at full droop. In contrast, our leveling kit is designed a bit differently. For one the overall ride height is only 1.75″ as that is what is needed to level out the AT4. Secondly our kit uses a combination of a smaller top mount + preload spacer. The preload spacer won’t increase the overall length of the strut assembly so our smaller top mount spacer keeps the strut assembly within an acceptable length to allow full suspension travel, while retaining the factory ride quality without causing premature wear of front end components.

As far as benefits to upgrading our UCAs in combination with our leveling kit:
– Improved strength over the factory UCAs
– Improved travel/ball joint positioning (uses an indexed ball joint cup – will help with camber adjustments)
– Uses a high strength ball joint for improved durability
– Its serviceable (greaseable) for a long life and quiet operation
– Improved appearance overthe factory UCAs

2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation, 2WD, Crew Cab

I will be installing a leveling kit on my truck soon; Bilstein 5100 ride height adjustable front shocks. (specs provide lift of 0-2.5″, but most people say realistically at max height they provide 1.71″ of lift)
I intend to set them at max height.
I intend to run my 20×9; 275/60R20 OEM wheel/tire combo (factory wheel specs indicate 20×9, +28mm offset, equates to 6.1″ backspacing)
I wish to install UCA’s at same time, however the more I read fine print, I keep seeing fitment issues regarding aftermarket UCA’s used with OEM wheel backspacing.
I do NOT want to install a wheel spacer, as I worked at discount tire in my youth and witnessed plenty of horror stories from their use.

Will these UCA’s fit my vehicle with these conditions, or will their be fitment/rubbing issues?

I just ordered your 6 inch lift kit for my 2020 Silverado. I see a lot of the other companies offer the UCA with a 6 inch lift. Do I need to order these? Are they needed with a 6inch lift?

Hey Josh,
While they aren’t required when installing our 6″ lift kit, there are several performance/strength/durability advantages to upgrading to our #C2314 adventure series upper control arms on the ’19-20 GM1500 trucks. We strongly recommend upgrading the stock UCAs to our UCAs

2020 GMC AT4 with a current RC 2 inch level and 34’s. I want to add on your UCA’s for the time being before eventually ordering the 4 inch lift kit to make it 6 inches total. Would I have the option of ordering the 4 inch kit without the UCA’s. I just can’t bite the bullet right now and pay for the whole kit including 35’s and new wheels etc. Thanks.

Hi Brandon,
A few topics here to address. At this time we’re not listing the complete 4″ lift kit w/o UCAs. That said if you call in when the time comes to explain your situation the sales team will be able to accommodate you. The other topic to address is the idea of stacking the 2″ leveling kit + 4″ lift kit on top of a AT4. The AT4 has a 2″ factory lift so ultimately you’d be netting 8″ of lift. The brackets in our IFS lift kits are designed for 4-6″ of lift over standard GM1500 suspension height so this would would push it too tall and potentially cause cause handling issues and lead to premature wear of front end components. My recommendation would be to not stack your leveling kit with the 4″ kit, but rather replace it with the 4″ kit. For more on this topic feel free to contact our sales/custoemr service team at (888) 998-9663

Hey Jay,
That’s a bit of a loaded question. Who’s 4″ C/O kit? Are there brackets included to correct the suspension geometry or is it using the factory mounting points? These UCAs are designed to work with most leveling kits where the factory upper ball joint would be operating at more angle. For more on the tipic feel free to contact our sales/tech support team at (888) 998-9663 or

I already had the zone 1.75 level kit installed on my 2019 gmc AT4 .. do I need to upgrade the UCA also? I read that UCA need to be upgraded as well. I just don’t want to have breakdown later down the road.

Hi Arnold, UCA are strongly recommended on the 2019+ GM1500 trucks when lifting/leveling. While they were an optional accessory initially, currently we only sell these lifts/leveling kits with the UCAs included.

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