2012 Ultimate Adventure starts this weekend!

2012 Ultimate Adventure starts this weekend!
4WOR’s 2-faced Jeep JK

In less than a week ,20+ 4×4 rigs will be meeting at an secret rendezvous for the start of the 2012 Ultimate Adventure. Hosted by 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine, this marks the 12th running of this annual event in which drivers take the ultimate road and trail trip from state to state with nothing more than their rigs and teamwork. The Ultimate Adventure 2012 is no exception as we have teams from across the country gather for some grueling adventure of will and skill. Teams for the 2012 Ultimate Adventure included some sponsors, staff members, as well as handpicked die-hard readers that are ready for the ultimate challenge.

Every hobby or sport has a pinnacle event that defines its core and, for many, legitimizes its very existence. Traditionally, we magazine editors work to bring you the most dynamic and cherished off-road events from around the globe. From the barren Baja Peninsula to the Australian Outback, we have covered some of the most coveted 4×4 events, adventures, and competitions on the plant. While our role for many years has been to observe and report, 12 years ago we changed the history books by creating our own yearly wheeling expedition known as the Ultimate Adventure.

What started off with a few editors and friends looking to break away for a week of wheeling and countryside exploration has evolved into one of the premiere off-road trips on the globe. Now in its 12th year, Editor-in-Chief Rick Péwé will be at the helm of the frankenstein creature, a double front-ended 2012 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon to lead the weeklong hardcore off-road vacation. It’s a true modern-day adventure.

The fundamentals of the UA include driving (not towing) your rig over nearly 1,000 miles of mud, rock, sand, trees, and asphalt, all while being entirely self-sufficient (camping gear, food, fuel, spare parts, mosquito repellant). While the UA motto for many years has been “Wheel for the Week, Not for the Day,” the true slogan for the adventure will forever be “No Whining!”

Zone Offroad is proud to be the official suspension of this year’s adventure. They’ll be bringing out the company’s 1990 Jeep Comanche, dubbed Project MJ to take on the challenging terrain and long road days. In addition to the Zone prototype long arm suspension lift on the MJ, the the lead JK and others will be running Zone prototype long arm kits and other zone products.

Everyone is looking forward to the start of the adventure and finding out where it will lead us. For continual coverage from the trip:

Zone Blog: https://blog.zoneoffroad.com/?cat=188

Zone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoneoffroad

4-Wheel & Off-Road: http://www.4wheeloffroad.com/index.html

4WOR Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4wheeloffroad

4WOR UA ’12 Forum: http://forums.4wheeloffroad.com/70/9123092/ultimate-adventure/2012-ultimate-adventure-official-thread/index.html

Look for coverage from the event in upcoming issues of 4WOR Magazine and for the official DVD later this year.

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