2012 HD 5″ Zone Lift Kit Testimonial

2012 HD 5″ Zone Lift Kit Testimonial

We love hearing from our customers. What they think of our lift kits, how it rides, where they go exploring in their lifted truck. David Medley sent us this shot on Facebook of a 2012 GMC Sierra Denali Diesel that they installed a 5″ Zone Lift Kit and 35×12.50 Toyo M/Ts on 20″ wheels. David sent us a message saying:

Just installed the zone 5″ kit on a 2012 Denali diesel. 35″x20″ toyo tires. Kit fit perfectly ! Top notch kit. So good there could be a gm part number on it and sold as factory! Good job guys! We will be selling more of this kit to our customers!


David,I have a 2012 chevy 2500hd with levelup kit and 33×12.5 10 ply tires.It rides terrible.How is the ride with this kit?What is your ride height to the top of fender?I only want to run 33s and I dont want to get to tall.Let me know,Thanks.By the way truck LOOKS awesome.

@Scott, ride quality on your leveled HD may be caused by a couple things. The ride will stiffen up slightly with torsion bar keys as they’re cranking the “spring” of the suspension. Make sure the keys are not set to more than 2” of lift as it will start to deteriorate the ride quality. Wheel size will be a factor too. 20s or 22s on the 33s won’t have much sidewall to flex and absorb bumps. Lastly would be the air pressure you’re running in the tires. The higher pressure will stiffen the ride quality as well.

You can contact Zone tech support and they should have the ride height measurements on all the kits. (888) 998-9663

Hoping to find out more about how Dave Medley acheived that stance on his truck? Can you put a 2 inch block in the back and set the kit at 4 inches?
Very interested in acheiving the exact same look on mine. Look forward to your reply.. Thanks

@Todd, Our kit compensates for the factory rake and levels stance by lifting the front 5” and the rear 3” allowing room for 35s (full specs available on our website). To discuss kit options and options to modify the stance to the 4”/2” I’d recommend giving Zone Tech Support a call at (888) 998-9663.

What is the overall measurement from ground to top of bed rails and top of cab to ground. Looking to see if this lift will work to still pull my fifth wheel.

That would depend on the tire/tire size you ran with the kit. The measurement you’re asking about isn’t one we typically take. The rear is lifted 3” + (50% of the tire difference from stock).

Will a lift kit for these trucks take away towing capacity?
with this lift is there any major trimming that you have to do with a 20X10 Wheel?
Also does the truck sit lower in the rear going down the road?

Hey Grant, as far as towing goes, towing capability will be effected somewhat due to things like larger/heavier tires, higher mount requiring a larger drop hitch, as well as effect your ability to tow a gooseneck. We tow with our 2011 Silverado 2500HD on a weekly basis to events around the country, (2011 HD w/ 5” Zone Lift, 37” Toyo M/Ts and 20×9 BMF F.I.T.E) typically with a 30′ triaxle trailer loaded down vehicles and displays without any issues.

Trimming with running a 20×10 will depend on (1) the backspacing of the wheel and (2) the true size of the tire. Typically trimming isn’t to excessive with 20x10s on 35×12.50s, but it’s more of a case-by-case situation. Lower valance and inner fender typically.

As far as sitting low going down the road, the HDs came with 2” of rake from the factory. Our 5” lift uses a 3” rear block to level the stance. In a towing situation, the truck will act as it does stock (stock leaf spring/overloads are still used). Depending on how you load the trailer and the amount of tongue weight there is the potential for some rear sagging while towing. With our HD, we installed a rear airbag kit to help when towing. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at (888) 998-9663

Really interested in this kit for my just purchased 2014 2500HD Sierra. Will this kit work on a ’14 model with Stabilitrac? My plan is to run this kit with a 33×12.50 on a 20×10 rim with 4.75 backspace and -19 offset. Thanks.

Hey Michael, these kits fit the ’14 HDs as well and works with the stabilitrac system. You’ll want to make sure to align the truck immediately after installing the lift. 33s will work on there, however may be a bit small for the 5” lift. We recommend 35×12.50s to fill the wheelwells. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at (888) 998-9663 or [email protected]

I am very interested in the kit. However you call for 35×12.50’s but are running 37×13.50’s on the pictured truck. I am just wanting an accurate tire size to achive the best look. What else has to be done to run 37’s? Thank you in advance.

Hey Logan, no suspension modifications made beyond installing the 5” Zone lift. We ended up trimming the lower valance of the front bumper, the inner fender on the front side of the front fender. We fit 37×13.50 Toyo M/Ts on 20×9 (4.5” BSing) BMF R.E.P.R.s, which clear nicely once trimmed. Offroad and flexed out with the wheels turned there are still some rubbing issues, but they are not excessive.

how much timing did you have to do , do you have some pics of the front bumper , i just installed my 5” zone lift on my 2012 d-max would love to run 37s

Hey Jason, I believe the stock gearing was used on this truck. We have a similar 2011 HD with the 5” lift and 37” tires. We kept the stock gearing and while it’s not as quick accelerating, regearing is not required when doing the lift/tire install. We also installed a Hypertech programmer on our HD to correct the speedometer and used it regularly to tow our 30′ show trailer around the country.

I am curious i have a 2012 gmc 2500hd could i install the zone 5″ lift and run 35×12.50×20 using the stock 20″ wheels?

Hey Jesse, On your 2012 GMC 2500HD, our 5” kit allows you to run factory 20” wheels with up to a 35×12.50×20 tire.

Hey I just installed the 6in zone kit on my 06 Silverado it still scrubs pretty bad with 35 x 12.50 I was wondering how far I could crank the torsion keys to clear my tires better without destroying my cv axles iv trimmed a lot of my truck and it still scrubs bad over bumps and ruts while turning any suggestions

Hey Matt,
the rubbing issue is likely due to using a wheel outside of our recommend spec (too wide or the wrong backspacing). If you’ve already trimmed the fenders, I’d say your options are to change out the wheels or add a small body lift. We don’t recommend cranking the torsion bars up above the 6” kit for the reason of premature wear on the CV shafts. For more on the topic feel free to contact our tech support team at (888) 998-9663

I just ordered zone 5in lift for my 14 gmc 2500. I plan on using my stock 20 inch rims with 35×12.5 trail grapplers. I’m looking at the fuel mavericks and don’t know what offset rim I would need. Any imput?

Hey Frank, best place to check out lifted trucks is the Zone Offroad customer gallery at http://zoneoffroad.com/bad-to-the-bone
*tip: Click on the Search/Browse tab on the Bad to the Bone gallery, in the search by keyword tab type “C12N” to view all 5″ equipped 2011-2016 HDs

Hey Colton, being that the truck retains the factory torsion bars you still have some adjustability in final ride height by the position of the torsion bar keys. This kit rides great on 35s or 37s, obviously the larger the wheel diameter the less sidewall flex you’ll have to help absorb bumps. Running 37s will require additional trimming for fitment.

I have a 2011 Chevy 2500HD. I was looking to see (1) what offset is recommended for new wheels with the 5 inch lift running 35X12.5 on 20X 9 wheels on the 5 inch lift, I’d prefer not to cut the bumper. Valance and inner plastic I can live with ; (2) same set up on a 18X9 wheel {haven’t decided yet between the 20 and 18 inch wheel} (3) if there is any trimming / cutting required of the front bumper with the 35’s on. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hey Tim, thanks for reaching out. We list our recommended wheel/tire specs on our website with each product page, http://zoneoffroad.com/zone-offroad-products-3-5in-suspension-lift-kit-chevy-gmc-pickup/c12n-c13n. For the #C12 kits we recommend 35×12.50 tires on 18×9 wheels (w/ 4.5-4.625″ backspacing) or 20×9 wheels (w/ 4.5-6″ backspacing) to maximize tire clearance. *Note the website listed 20×9 with 5-6″ as that is ideal setup for tire clearance, but 4.5-6″ can be used. Trimming the lower corner of the front bumper valance and the inner fender liner is fairly common on the GMs due to the squared off wheel wells and allow you to maximize tire clearance without going super tall. Bumper and sheet metal trimming is not needed to fit 35s.

Looking at getting the 5 inch lift, but I dont want to run it tall. I just want to run 33-34 inch tires. how much can it be turned down?
Ill be running 275/65R20 stock denali rims for winters and 305/45R22 in summer with a -19 offset. Should work hey?

Hey Chris, our 5″ IFS kit for the ’11-18 HD trucks is designed to correct the suspension/steering/driveline geometry for 5″ of lift. The diff drops, LCA crossmembers, steering knuckles, etc are all designed for 5″ of lift. That said you may be able to lower the ride height slightly by uncranking the torsion bars, but as you lower it the ride quality will become more spongy. The 5″ kit fits 35″ tires, but a 34″ tire wouldn’t look out of place. Another option for you would be our 3″ adventure series UCA lift kit. They are easy to install and would give you sufficient clearance for 33-34″ tires. Check out all the options at http://zoneoffroad.com/display?ma=12&yr=2012&mo=275&ca=78

My 2011 2500 is a quad cab with the full 8 foot bed. It does have a 2 piece driveshaft with a center support bearing. Is the center support bearing drop that is offered necessary in this case? Common sense tells me yes but it’s always safer to ask than assume. Thanks.

Are any spacers need for the rear wheels to match the track width of the fronts after the 5 inch kit is installed? I’m ready to order everything up and wanna do it all in one shot.

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