Walking Over Obstacles


2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ
4″ suspension system
Owner: Dennis – Fresno, CA

To: dave@zoneoffraod.com
Sent: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 12:50 pm
Subject: 2000 Jeep TJ out performs Rubicon

We bought a 4 inch kit and took our TJ out this weekend. I have footage of our Jeep outperforming my friend’s Rubicon. I am very impressed with your products and I just wanted to tell people about you. My friend even told me to stop making him look bad. I went up some pretty steep granite slabs here in California and crawled some scary rocks and I am new to this and my TJ held up with the big guys. Here are some pictures of my Jeep TJ with the group I crawled with this weekend. My buddies are using Old Man Emu, Rancho, Rubicon, etc. I didn’t tell them that I was lifting my Jeep. I just showed up at the run with it. I heard it all, but by Saturday night I had proven myself and Zone Offroad was a hit. I did everything that my friends did all without any effort. I was walking over obstacles that my friends were hesitating on. I am new to Jeeps, however not to the sport. I will say that I am impressed with where I can go in the Jeep and even more now with Zone Off road. The head guy in our club is the hardest to convince and he doesn’t pay compliments easy, and I even made a believer out of him.

Fresno CA


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