“…you won’t have any regrets…”

“…you won’t have any regrets…”

Jeep Wrangler JK – 4dr
3″ Suspension System
Owner: Jeremy Roy – Dayton, OH

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(excerpt of a post by deputydog aka Jeremy)

Sep 29, 2008

Ok the lift from Zone products is complete and I could not be happier. It took me and a buddy approximately 5 hours to complete without any problems. It looks absolutely great and no “ESP” issues at all. The ride is 10x smoother than factory and the wider stance makes it a lot more stable.

So far I am completely satisfied with the 3″ suspension lift from Zone Offroad. It is the best kit for the price and the look is awesome. If you are hesitating because they are the new kid on the block… don’t, you won’t have any regrets.


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