“the ride is actually smoother than it was stock….”

Jeep Cherokee XJ
4.5″ Suspension System
Owner: Chris Grooters, Mt. Pleasant, MI

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Sep 29 2008 5:34 PM

Hey Dave, just wanted to let you know I installed your 4.5″ XJ kit and I love it! Easy install and the ride is actually smoother than it was stock. You guys do great business as well! Next on my list is your Sway Bar quick disconnects! Here are some pics as well. Talk to you soon!
–Chris Grooters


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  1. blaine Reply

    Hey man i was thinking bout doin this same kit but does the steering wander alot does it ride and steer like it did when it was stock? Does it seem more top heavy now? im just trying to feel everything out and see if it is actually worth it.

  2. Dave Reply


    We engineer these kits to ride and handle as good as OE. You should not have any steering wander with it properly setup and aligned correctly. We do increase the spring rate to compensate from the raised COG and reduce body roll or the “top heavy feeling”. It’s worth it – give it try!

  3. Peter Reply

    I installed your 4.5″ kit about 8 months ago, pleased with the look and ride, but now the coil on the driverside is rubbing against the trac bar mount. I just had it aligned and it still rubs. Any info would be great and I can get pictures if requested.

  4. Dave Reply

    Hey Peter,

    It sounds like your axle is not centered correctly. Take some ride height measurments and pictures. Give me a call and send the pictures to dave@zoneoffroad.com and I’ll try to help you with your concern.

  5. Ryan Reply

    Im really interested in this 4.5″ kit but i have a few questions. Will i need an adjustable track bar? This kit being so tall well i need a longer driveshaft?

  6. Zone Admin Reply

    The Zone 4.5” XJ Kit does not require transfer case modifications or the use of a cv-style driveshafts. While that is an option to improve the driveline angles and maximize ground clearance, we include a minimal 1” transfer case drop in the kit to correct the driveline angles while maintaining as much ground clearance as possible.

  7. Zone Admin Reply

    The kit is designed to reuse the factory track bar, redrilling the mounting hole .75” to the side of the factory location. Zone currently doesn’t offer an adj. track bar for the XJs, but if you decide to go that route, I’d recommend the JKS adj. track bar that we sell through zoneoffroad.com (#JKSOGS125). The kit does not require longer driveshafts, there is enough spine engagement with the factory shafts work. We include a 1” transfer case drop that helps correct the driveline angles without sacrificing too much ground clearance. The SYE and driveshaft is another option, but is not required with the 4.5” kit. Give us a call and we can go into more detail and talk about the options, (888) 998-9663

  8. man witha plan Reply

    Hey im buildin an Xj wanting a good lift and was wondering would you recomend your lift and running 33s on my 4 door if i do a little trimming via saw-za and aftermarket fender flares? Or should i stay with the 32s? buddy did his with the 4.5 like how i am but used a different brand and did it looks pretty sweet. Thanks

  9. Zone Admin Reply

    @man witha plan
    If you’re OK with the trimming, go for the 33s! You could simply cut the fenders or go with an aftermarket flare. There are a bunch of flare kits on the market, one that I’ve been seeing around a lot lately are the Bushwacker flat fenders.

  10. brent Reply

    my current leaf springs are no good. i was considering this lift kit but only if i can get it with full replacement lift springs for the back. i just dont like the idea of add a leaf.

    • Zone Admin Reply

      As of right now the kit is only available with the add-a-leafs, however, we do plan on having full replacement leaf packs available in the future as an option. Our add-a-leafs are very stout so they tend to work well with even worn out stock springs, and a lot of our customers who have tried them with their worn out springs have been very happy with the results. Since the add-a-leafs are included in the kit at no additional cost, it may be worth giving them a try until our full replacement springs are available.

  11. big yetti Reply

    Hey, just got this kit ordered, me and my friend are going to install within the next two weeks, any tips or advice? This is my first time installing any type of kit. I am good with mechanics and stuff…and I’m a great learner, just wanted to try and save money and attempt to install myself.


  12. Zone Admin Reply

    @big yetti
    Tips and Advice… Read through and make sure you completely understand the instructions before turning a wrench. We’re hear to help, just give us a call if you have any questions now. We’re not much help to you if you have a problem one night and it’s outside of business hours… (888) 998-9663

  13. jeff ruttle Reply

    I’am looking at this kit for my 1996 jeep XJ 2WD 4 door. Will it install on a 2 wheel drive with no problems ?

  14. Lequin Reply

    My brother is looking to buy this kit, Im used to lift tj’s, and I see no pitman arm drop in your kit to correct the drag link angle. Does that mean th XJ doesn’t need the drop with a 4.5″ lift kit?

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