Hauk Designs Ford Bronco Build

Hauk Designs Ford Bronco Build
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Longtime Jeep builder and custom fabricator Kenny Hauk knows a thing or two about building cool rides. Over the years he's creates some iconic and jaw dropping vehicle builds that bring together a level of form+function. From ratrod'd beer tankers and B52-inspired twin turbo LS powered JKs to other crazy customs. You can find Kenny's creations on Amazon with his TV show "Hauk Machines", through the Digital Lug app, or follow the behind the scenes on social media.

Kenny gave us a call to say he was building a brand new 2021 Ford Bronco 4Dr, one that he could R&D a variety of parts on transform it into a capable, daily driven head turner. With bumpers and a few other accessories prototyped, he loaded up and headed to Michigan to get one of the first production Zone Offroad 2" lift kits for the new Bronco and test our some additional soon to be released accessories.

This Zone Offroad 2" kit consists of front and rear top-mounted strut spacers to provide additional lift, level the stance and maintain ride quality for on/offroad performance. They are build from a synthetic resin that is high strength and light weight to offer clearance for 35-37" tires. In addition to the spacers and new mounting hardware, this Bronco received a set of (BDS) upper control arms providing strength and additional droop travel to make room for 37" BFG KOs on 17" Raceline wheels. Following the install and subsequent donuts to christen a nearby field, Kenny made his way up to Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, MI for a day of testing out the Bronco and putting the suspension, armor and tires to the to the challenge. Everything held up great, the 37" tires cleared and he even helped out a stuck Jeep out on the sand.

From there Kenny made the 10hr drive back to Pennsylvania for even more real world testing out the new Bronco and this setup. We caught up with him a couple weeks later for a quick live session with spotty cell service for a walk around of the Bronco. If you missed it on Facebook, check it out below.

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